Now what? Granite was sealed without our approval

ruddycatFebruary 20, 2014


I posted the other day about our Leathered Titanium slabs and our fabricators method of enhancing and then buffing. He did make us a sample and we were very happy with it. He told us that sealer would be applied on-site after installation and he sent us home with the sample.

In the meantime and after much research, we decided that we wouldn't have the granite sealed. I tested it with oil, vinegar and lemon juice and nothing left a stain. Water beaded up immediately on it so we determined it was a dense granite that didn't require sealing. And we'd heard and read (here on GW) of many problems with slabs that had been sealed that didn't need to be so we decided we would opt out.

Anyway, they just showed up with our granite (at 5:15pm) when they weren't scheduled until first thing in the morning. And they say that the slab was sealed at the shop, contrary to what we were told would be done. It's kind of splotchy looking and sort of sticky but when I rub it with a microfiber cloth it becomes smooth and feels good like the sample that had only been enhanced.

So . . . should I be concerned? Should I ask to have the sealer removed or just wait and see what happens? And if I'm not mistaken, if and/or when a sealer starts to cause problems (rings, stains, etc.), the solution is to remove the sealer at that time, correct?

Other than that - I LOVE the granite!! Am I worried about nothing?

Leigh Ann

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Don't worry. If I am not mistaken you can take it off with acetone, not the nail polish remover but a gallon can at Home Depot if you really hate it. Since you have to reseal every once in awhile it may just wear off on it's own if it's just sealer. I use a daily cleaner with sealer and I have never resealed it. I have one of the ivory granites.

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Call the shop and find out what product was used before attempting to remove it.

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Acetone will generally remove uncured sealer but it can be less than effective on cured sealer.

Find out what was used and call the manufacturer for instructions.

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This fabricator has probably done this many times with no problem. Let him know your concerns, but give yourself and him a specific length of time that you'll live with it, then review options. Why waste perfectly good panic?

Acetone is highly flammable. You don't just dump a gallon on the tops and scrub away. Use extreme caution.

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Thanks everyone! Well they're finally gone and I've cleaned with Daily Granite and a microfiber cloth and everything looks good. Most of the smeary, streaky stuff is gone and they feel and look really nice. Since none of the installers spoke English, I'll have to call the office tomorrow to find out what type of sealer was applied but I'm thinking I'll just register my concern at this point and hope for the best! At least if they develop a problem due to the sealer down the road - there will be a record of it!

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