Wow, didn't know this forum existed!

DianaLNovember 21, 2003

I'm usually over at another one. Hello all! I have an almost 7 mth old little girl, and a 10 year old DD also. Just wanted to pop in.

My little one just came down with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease from her daycare. Oh joy. ARGH! Frustrating! She also has tonsilitis! I can't believe my poor baby is getting everything in the world this week!

Anyhoo, hope you all have a fabulous wkend. I'm going home to "Spot" (not her real name, just trying to make myself feel better)


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This forum would be great if anyone ever camer over and posted. There is so little traffic here, perhaps b/c it's members-only. Sigh. I am usually at remodeling-type boards but occasionally cruise over here to see if anyone is posting. I feel sorry for your daughter! Ours have all had cocksackie (hand-foot-mouth) at times, it's awful but not as bad as the flu. Funny you mention tonsilitis--- Three of mine have it right now! (6, 4, and 3 yr olds) and the baby (10 months) has a cold. Yuck.

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