BM Lenox Tan, etc with White Dove?

Karris12July 23, 2012

My husband and I are buying our first home, a 1000 sq ft apartment in NYC, and we've been trying to choose paint colors for what seems like ages.

Our main living area is a combined living room, dining room and small alcove that will eventually be a second bedroom. For now they are all one space. We also have a hallway that connects the kitchen, living room and bedroom.

We've decided on Lenox Tan as our main color, but I fear using Lenox Tan for all of the living areas will be too dark. We are going with BM Montpelier in the bedroom and Wedgewood Gray in the bathroom. I'd like our kitchen to have white walls, but the color will depend on the trim, ceiling and doors.

I originally thought using a bright white, like BM's Super White, for all of our baseboards, doors and ceilings would help brighten up the place, but over the weekend we bought a sample can of White Dove and really loved how it looked on some sample baseboards we are choosing from.

Has anyone used Lenox Tan with White Dove? Any thoughts on whether Lenox Tan would "muddy" White Dove?

I'm not sure about our light. We face West and it seems bright during the day, but we haven't been in the apartment at night yet. We will hopefully be able to paint samples on the walls this week, but we've purchased 18 sample cans already and I just can't bring myself to buy a Super White sample to compare to White Dove!

If we do go with White Dove, any thoughts on slightly darker whites for the kitchen walls that also match Lenox Tan? I prefer to avoid whites with a very yellow or pink undertone.

Thanks for your help!

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Following up on my previous post:
We've decided on White Dove as our baseboard, ceiling and door color throughout the apartment, but after painting some sections of wall with various colors, we're back to the beginning. BM's Lenox Tan, Montpelier, Phlipsburg Blue and Blue Echo seemed extremely dark to me while Bleeker Beige was too gray for my husband, and Nimbus Gray read purple to him.

We bought even more samples over the weekend and I really like Benjamin Moore's Pashmina, Manchester Tan and Smoke.

Has anyone used these colors?

Pashmina looks excellent painted on a book shelf in our current rental, but very dark on our new apartment wall. I've paired it with BM Smoke and will eventually paint it side by side with BM Nimbus Gray to see if these two colors can live side-by-side in our living space.

Smoke seems very similar to Wedgewood Gray, and Manchester Tan seems perfect, but possibly a little boring?

Your experiences with any of these colors would be appreciated!

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