Grandmother Needs Gift Ideas

kathy862November 29, 2002

We have a one year old Granddaughter. I'd like to find something really special, something SHE'D really like.

It's been years since we browsed the baby toy aisles.

I've looked and looked, and can't see anything that grabs me.

She's just beginning to walk, and climb--she's a very, very busy (active) little girl.

Do any of you Mothers out there have any ideas for me?

TIA :^)

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We just bought our 10-month-old granddaughter a great new item. It is a peek-a-boo plastic "house" that holds balls made by Fisher Price. The box says 18 months so use your own judgement but I don't see anything in this that could hurt her. She loves getting in it to play with all the balls that came with it. It certainly gives her a break from her constant walking. She is all giggles when we play peek-a-boo with her thru the side plastic windows. It would help to have one of those electric items that can blow up airbeds.

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Hi. I usually hang out in the craft forums but my SIL is expecting her 1st child in March so thought I'd peek in here and get in the baby mood. :)
Anyway Kathy I wrote this poem for someone else to give his grand daughter with a charm bracelet and thought you might be able to use it too:

A special grand daughter
charmed her way into my heart,
she is a gift from heaven
and I loved her from the start.
I wanted to buy a special gift
something she would truly treasure,
teddy bears and clothing
just werenÂt quite up to measure.
Something that would grow with her
and express my joy and pride
something I could add too
from birth to blushing bride.
So I give this bracelet
And a charm or two
And I will keep it growing
Just like my love for you.
~Sue Pitchfork~

LOL do you think she is ready for her very own drum set?
Hope this helps and that you don't mind me just jumping in.
Sue :)

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