Advice on how to frame kitchen sink window/subway tile

diginthedirt17February 2, 2010

My well-meaning dh finished the subway backsplash and framed out the kitchen sink window while I was away for a few days.

He added casing to the window, which still needs to be painted white. Doesn't look right because the window sill (or apron?) doesn't extend beyond the window to the casing. We can replace the sill I think. Or a thought was to add a small piece of trim to finish off the bottom of the sides?

The tile ends at the casing...

What would you do?

Here is a link that might be useful: pics of kitchen window

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Unfortunately, your photo page is private, so we can't see your pics. :-)

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sorry about the link!

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Perhaps if you first paint the wood trim white as you plan, then see how that looks. You may still want to put a final piece of trim across the bottom, but you may like it once the wood trim is white.

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I think you should end the frame at the top of the tile. That way the window frame would run straight into the tile.....

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I would probably take the wood trim off the window, pop some of the tiles off around the window and either retrim the window to match all the others in the house even if it meant extending the sill, or tile around the window with bullnose. Sorry, I wouldnt be able to leave it like that, and it will take just as much effort to compromise than it will to redo it.

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I'm sorry, but I agree with Palimpsest. I would not be happy with it or patches.

Is all the trim in your house as wide as the trim around the window? I tried to find a wider view of the wall to see how the window + trim looks in relation to the rest of the kitchen and to possibly make other suggestions, but since your album is private I wasn't able to. So, could you post a few pics for us?

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I agree that it needs to be fixed. The rest of the windows in the house did not have any framing when we moved in, it's just a cookie-cutter suburban house with no upgrades.

DH has put the same casing around all four sides of each window in the house, and we're in the process of painting them white. Certainly not the proper way to case a window, but it does add something to the room I feel, especially when painted white.

He's not going to like hearing that it needs to change, but I stand at that sink like 95% of the day. The tile ends at the casing, so the tile would need to be redone. I really doubt if he'll do that...

What would be the easiest and most acceptable way to fix this?

Here are a few more pictures that show the rest of the kitchen. Still in the works- butcherblock island top and beadboard for side of cabinets.

Thank you for your thoughts!

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The stool is wrong. It should extend beyond (slightly) the edges of the vertical parts of the window frame. That's all! You can buy new stools at any hardware store.

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I can't tell for sure from your photos if you have enough clearance to try this idea, but one thing you could consider (if DH won't redo the tile) is to add a small glass (herbs?) shelf that runs just under the existing sill and spans from the outside edge of wood trim on one side to the outside edge on the other. He could install it with that floating shelf hardware, or something else that goes with your kitchen. It could give you a nice narrow display area right above your faucet and just under your window. You could use clear glass, frosted glass, or painted wood (likely durability problems with the wood however). Just an idea if there is room. Do you have any collections of small items, or children's projects that might go on such a shelf?

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Take the two sides off and the sill. Get a new sill and cut "ears" on it so that it butts up against the window and the tile. It should be the length from the outside of one side casing to the outside of the other side PLUS 1" or 1.5" so that it extends a little bit past the casing on both sides. Attach and caulk it. Trim the bottom edges of the side casing to fit.

I guess an alternate is to build the "sill" out of trim tiles.

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Thank you so much for the suggestions! I'll bring them up to my dh tonight and find a solution.

One problem I see though is that the light switch is *right* next to the casing on the right side, not sure if the stool will fit there or not. Hmmmmm....

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