Painting a rusty baseboard heater

amav31July 15, 2013

I need to paint a small (4 feet long) electric baseboard heater.
The top panel has lot of rusty spots.
Can you please tell me what products I need to use to remove the rust. Do I need to use specific anti-rust primer or paint.
I have left over Zinsser 123 primer.

Thanks in advance

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I did the same thing with a rusty heater vent. I don't remember the process, but I contacted Rustoleum and they told me what to get. I know I had to sand it a bit first and then there was a spray that I used on the vent (outdoors -- because it's pretty smelly), but it's been several years now and no rust is showing through. i would go to Rustoleum's web site and call the 800# for advice (or e-mail if they don't have an 800#) . Alternatively, you could go to Home Depot or Lowes and hope you find a knowledgeable person in there who could tell you what you need, or perhaps any paint store could help.

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Thanks Jodokus!

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Amav31 -- I have baseboard registers in every room. Most had some 'rust spots'. I just primed them with whatever stain-killing primer I was using (Zinsser 123, Max Kilz or Pro-Block). Sanded the rust spots, re-primed those spots and sanded again to smooth. I put my two top coats on top of that and they were fine.

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PinesEverywhere- what topcoat did you use.?

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Amav31 -- I used Sherwin Williams for Top Coats.

Three rooms done with these blasted baseboard registers and so far so good ... with the process that I described.

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You know, you should be using a primer designed to prime rust. I like to use the Rust Destroyer primer, which is a pain because it takes 48 hours before you can paint over's also damn expensive. If I don't have 48 hours, I'll just prime with the RustOleum stuff. A normal primer doesn't do much to rust, but here is the thing I notice. If you paint over rust, it's going to come back. If you paint over rust with a normal paint or primer it's going to come back. If you use a primer designed for rust, it's going to come back, just not as soon.

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