And the winner is..Nepal White. I think. ??

rebeccamomof123February 14, 2013

So, my ktchen will have shaker white cabinet, polished chrome hardware, walls will be Benamin Moore Solitude (putty blue/grey) and hardwood oak floors. So I really wanted a creamy granite with no purble/pink undertones or burgandy spots. I wanted more creamy silvers, greys..Actually, I really wanted marble but the practical side of me thought differently - knowing what the wear and tear of three kids, two active cooks and lots of entertaining would do to it.

So after pouring hours into the search through colonial whites, river whites, etc, left dissapointed that they still had those burgandy undertones, I stumbed upon this nepal white. Read more gerys, blues, charcoal...not reds/pinks/purples.

What do you think? The larder dark "line" in the top left corner will be cut out.

Anyone else heard of it? Anyone else have it? Show me your pics!!!

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Wow, it is gorgeous! It sounds like it will be dreamy with your color choices and oak floors. I love it.

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Love it

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Oh good! I've been on the fence with this one all day. I've never had to make so many decisions all at once in my life!

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I really like it too. I would do research on it though. This is one that has not come up. Some granites are not as bullet proof as others.
A perfect example is Beekeeperswife"s White Princess. It etches, even when sealed.
Some here have gotten samples of a corner and have done some home testing before deciding.

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I know - I do remember them telling us it's a harder color to find (reflected in its price too!) and so not that many people will have it. How would I know its durability? It's tricky too because so many of the same colors go by different names regionally. We're in the Boston area.

My only hesitation is that it might not be white enough - but - my cabinets are all dove white so I'm thinking a little contrast is probably a good thing? Any other suggestions of slabs to look at that don't have those purple or burgandy colored garnet spots on them?

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The slab is lovely -- I have not seen too many mentions of it. I think quarries are being sourced for lighter colored granites, due to their popularity right now. I also have noticed that way too many of the "white" granites have burgundy streaks and/or spots in them.

You can get a sample and perform an etch and staining test on it. You can search the forums for instructions. It is pretty straightforward. You can also perform a glass scratch test (basically find a sharp edge on the slab or sample and try to scratch a piece of glass.) Even if you identify a hard stone, you still have to ensure it is not porous or be dilligent in sealing.

I've been searching for similar stones last two months.

It is the quartzites that are frequently marbles relabeled as quartzites. These will etch, scratch and stain. The "Super White/Arabescato Quartzite/Donna Maria" are frequently mislabeled as quartzite when they behave more like a marble. The White Princess varieties have a better track record.

For a pure white slab labeled as granite, the closest I've found without the burgundy is Namibian White. I've only seen it locally in pre-fab form, and I want slabs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sorry to introduce a new color

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I do think it's very neat looking, but only because it looks like bacteria strains in a petri dish.

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Very nice! I love it!

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I love my White Nepal! I have had no issues with staining or etching.

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pjeanb: Beautiful movement on that island. Love your hood as well! (Brand? Color?) oh, sorry, just hijacked the thread. The color plays off well with the stone.

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