Breech baby

phyllis_philodendronNovember 15, 2003

This week we just found out the baby still hasn't turned. I'm 38 weeks yesterday and the likelihood of his flipping is probably pretty low. Anyone else have this experience? Did your baby eventually flip and how (through external cephalic version or exercises or what?) How did you get through C-section recovery (the thing I worry about most!)?

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My first was breech at 37 1/2 weeks but turned on his own and was born vaginally at 40 weeks-- not sure when he turned but the doctors were very surprised!

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Skatiero, did you exhibit any other signs of labor? I have had some bloody show for 2 weeks or so, the doctor said I was already 3 cm dilated and I recently lost my mucous plug - so I don't know if he'll wait until 40 weeks! But you never know - these things aren't always conclusive. My dad said my brother was breech up until days before his birth so who knows. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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Oh wow! Best of luck! I will keep you and your little Thanksgiving turkey in my prayers.

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My son was breech.

We tried external version twice before we got him turned.

The version wasn't painful at all, I just felt pressure from the doctor manipulating my stomach.

I also tried taking a hot bath (which relaxes you) and while in the tub I put an ice pack on my tummy to try to get the baby to turn. The idea is that the baby dislikes the cold and will try to move away from it. I could feel the baby trying to turn, but it didn't work for me.

I think the most disconcerting thing was that the whole time I thought I was patting my baby's head, I was rubbing his little tushie instead!

I did end up having a c-section, but it wasn't because of the turning being unsuccessful.

I'm now a happy mommy of a 17 month old, and don't regret anything I did to try to avoid a c-section.

My 13 year old was born vaginally, and I think the recovery is much easier with a vaginal birth than a c-section. Plus I hate my scar!

Good luck!


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I had a c-section and my scar is not noticable at all. In fact, I'm trying to figure out how they got a whole baby out of such a small incision, but then again, Vag births only have 10-centimeters to work with. I'd say my incision is less than 4" and is very low. Does not show up even in a bikini.

My recovery wasn't so bad, but I dont have a vag birth to compare it to. I just wish we could have predicted it, and planned the c-section so I could have avoided the 18 hours of labor and throwing my back out :-)

Anyway, I guess by now you've had the little Thanksgiving Turkey maybe??? How are you doing?

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We are scheduled to go in on Tuesday. We've decided that the shape of my uterus (which could be seen on ultrasound) is inhibiting him from turning, although I think he has tried, poor thing! We decided a version would only have a 50 percent success rate anyway and I didn't want to force him; plus the placenta is attached at the top, which makes it more difficult to do. I was initially upset about it but realize I don't have a choice and will get a baby either way!

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Wow! You might truly have this bambino on Thanksgiving! You are right, either way you have a lot to be thankful for.

I had a totally uneventful pregnancy, 8 1/2 months worth. Went for checkup and Doc said, "Wow, this sure has been an easy, routine pregnancy!" I said, "Oh great, now you've done it! You are gonna jynx me!" LOL

And sure enough, 1) went into labor 2 weeks early, 2) long painful labor, 3) baby's heart rate dropping and she gets stuck in the birth canal, 4) and an emergency c-section! Oh and to top it all off, because I was early, Doc and his #1 backup were on Christmas vacation skiing, so I had my baby with a doc I had never met!

Sheesh...But all's well that ends well! Best of luck! It is so exciting looking forward to this with you!

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We're back!

Overall, the birth went well. I went into labor the Sunday beforewe were scheduled, so of course my regular doc wasn't there either - I got another one from the group that I liked even better, I think! We were worried because I had eaten several hours before but it didn't seem to be a problem so I could be awake for the procedure. The recovery is going okay - I'm mobile and it's easier to get in and out of bed, bend, etc. I haven't lifted anything heavier than the baby and DH does all the laundry! Yesterday after the dr's I actually got to go into Target for 10 minutes while DH drove around the parking lot and baby slept. It was nice to see other people again! LOL I'd say my incision is bigger than four inches but is very low; maybe since he was butt first they had to make a bigger cut. it still bothers me a little bit but is manageable with ibuprofen.

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LOL - I also ate after I called the doc and he said to come on in. I figured it would be the last solid food I'd have in a long while. I think I had two Eggo waffles. I'm glad I did. I ended up needing my strength! If you need to, have them call in some prescription-strength motrin. In the first few days, it helped me a bit better than over-the-counter, but it does not make you dopey.

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My first baby was vaginal, my second was a c-section. TRUST ME, healing from one clean incision was far easier than healing from the birth of number one. I had a grade 3 lac. One nice incision is much better than many little tears in the wrong place! It took my weeks to heal from my vaginal - I couldn't even walk out of the hospital. But, with my c-section I pushed my own wheelchair out of the hospital. I left the hospital after the same number of days with both. After 2 weeks I felt completely back to normal with my c-section. My third is coming next week and I can't wait to go! I am looking forward to my c-section!

I have several friends who have had both (one had a v-back) and they all said that the c-section was so much better.

DON'T worry about the c! If your doctor recommends it then you should do it. I wish I would have listened with my first and had a c then too!

good luck!!!!!!!!

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cheerit, congrats! My daughter's birthday is Dec. 23. Holiday babies are so nice. (complicated birthdays, but it's so special).

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In case someone comes upon this post later:

I found that I needed to use my breathing techniques during the C-section--mostly to keep me calm, not because of pain.

And after having two of them, I can tell you: you will FEEL things. They won't HURT, but you'll feel them. I wasn't ready for that, and it really freaked me out. I was uncomfortable, partly from the epidural, partly from the surgery. Again, it didn't HURT. But it felt weird, and was much more "sensation" than I was ready for.

I had a tough recover from No. 1, and a quick one from No. 2. I think there were 3 big differences:
1) got an infected incision w/ No. 1, didn't w/ No. 2
2) was used to the idea w/ No. 2
3) was WAY more active--up and around, pumping, walking to the neonatal ward (No.2 was a preemie), etc. Occasionally more fatigued w/ all that activity, but I think it actually SPED the healing of the abdominal muscles, etc.

Both of mine were breech; one was also preemie. I'd MUCH rather have a C-section than a brain-damaged baby!

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My 3rd turned around the day before he was born. He was breech when I arrived at the hospital in labor, and I had an older doctor who was able to turn him by placing his hands on my abdomen to encourage him to turn back. It worked. The doctor later said that if it had been my first, the turning by touching my abdomen would not have worked.

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