Start Now! (Advice from a Mom of a Teenage Son)

CulleyOctober 22, 2002

My son and I have always been close but, like most teenage boys, he's pulling away now (as he should.) He's 14, just started high school, and doesn't talk as much as I'd like him to. BUT HE ALWAYS LOVES TO HAVE HIS BACK SCRATCHED AND FEET RUBBED. I remember the same scenario with my own mother - being uncommunicative but finding comfort in her touch. The point is, I don't think you can suddenly decide to be physical with your older child - it has to be something they grow up with. So parents, keep touching and rubbing and tickling and caressing and DON'T STOP - you'll reap the rewards when they're teens!

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Thanks for this, Culley! When I was a little kid and I went to my friends' houses, I always thought it was weird if they hugged or caressed each other. My mom and stepdad almost never hugged me and kissing was just unheard of in my family. Sadly, I grew up searching and searching for this intimacy in all the wrong places. Now that I have my own DH and DD, we cuddle, kiss, scratch and rub- it IS important!

Thanks again, Culley!


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What a neat post. My mom always scratched my back. And now my husband rubs my forehead or runs his fingers through my hair and I love it. He'll even do it in the middle of the night when I can't sleep or am having a bad, squirmy dream.

They've also done studies that prove how much babies thrive and respond to human touch.

Just shows you're never too old!

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I don't post here, but this post caught my eye. Wonderful advice!

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