Do I sand between the two top coats of paint?

soozJuly 29, 2007

I did all the patching and prep work and primed the old bathroom--twice!--with appropriate wait times (thank you Faron for all your help!)

I just finished applying the first full coat of semi-gloss paint and am letting it dry thoroughy.

Do I need to sand or wet sand this before I apply the second full coat of paint?

I couldn't find the exact answer when I used the search feature on this site, when I read the paint can label, went to ehow and, so (sigh) I'm asking here.

Thanks for the input--I keep telling myself there's not such thing as a dumb question if you really, really don't know the answer and don't wanna make a guess! LOLAM !



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No you don't need to sand in between coats.

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Thanks, paintguy!!!!


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You've shown intelligence by asking the "dumb" (they're never dumb!!) questions! The world of painting isn't rocket-science, but people can really louse things up with bad or outdated advice!

Case in point:
On another forum I read...a guy had painted Ralph-Lauren's River-Rock on his cabinets, and was wondering why they didn't clean-up very well!!! Uffda....

PS...I did get your email the other day, via aol.

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Thanks for the compliment, Faron! I'm glad there was an easy answer on the forum, because I sure couldn't find one when I searched!

The bathroom is done! I finished it today! Tomorrow, I'll re-hang the towel racks and the shower curtain and put up the outlet covers and switchplate. Two more days, and we'll be able to take a shower in there!'

I decided to go with white instead of a beachy water color or a light pebbly color --but of course, I had to spend some time priming over those because I painted big ol' swatches of those on the walls to see what it would look like. It's a small bathroom and those colors made it look smaller and darker. White, with accents of that beachy water color (hey, I have a quart of it and cannot use it in my classroom!) is--to quote baby bear--"just right!"

Glad the email works. Cyberspace is such a mystery to me, but I do love it!

Be well!!!

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Your switchplate comment reminded me...
* Leave-'em just slightly loose for a month until the paint really hardens-off good.
* Glad you're waitin' the 2 days b4 showerin'!
* Well...are ya gonna post some pix for all of us?!?!
* Ya don't think all this advice is FREE do ya??...wink...wink...;)


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Huh? The advice isn't free??? Gosh darn!

Faron, I'll be glad to send you cookies! If you lived closer, I'd make you lasagne!

Thanks for the input about waiting a month to tighten the switchplate and outlet covers. As for pictures, no promises, but maybe!


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