Post Partum

proserpinaOctober 25, 2007

Do you know if post-partum can hit 7 months after having a baby? I thought first it was because I got my period again, then I thought it was because I was having trouble nursing my son... but now it's 3 weeks and I seem to be crying for no reason whatsoever or for any reason possible.

I called my ob and the nurse told me that after the 6-week follow-up, I need to be going to a general practitioner.

I'm at a loss. Any words of wisdom?

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Post partum depression is caused by, among other things, a wild fluctuation in hormone levels. If you have weaned your baby, your hormones are doing strange things....and I suppose post partum is a good possibility.
Linda c

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According to this article it states..a few weeks to MONTHS after giving birth. See your doctor, left untreated you are doing yourself and your family a disservice.


Here is a link that might be useful: post partum depression

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I'm speaking from experience. I had Post Partum 2 days after delivery and kept it for 13 days. I cried for 13 days straight for no reason. Finally my hormones got leveled out. Every now and then I feel the Post Partum coming back. You are not alone with this. Please contact your doctor and talk to someone. That was the best thing that I did was talking about it.

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