My hair is falling out in hand-fulls!

pinkbunnyOctober 10, 2007

I am really worried about my sudden loss of hair. I have a 5 month old baby and about 2 months ago I started loosing alot of my hair. I heard that that is common at three month post-baby, but I am STILL loosing by the brush-fulls. I dont know what to do, and wondered if anyone can reccomend a suppliment or scalp treatment or ANYTHING that will help with my hair loss. It so bad that I can see my scalp. I am not covered by health ins. at the moment (Im awaiting approval fro Blue cross) but I will go to the Dr. when I am covered for it. But untill then, I would so appriciate any advise you mom's may have.

Thank you.

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Supplementing iron will help some and it is good for the baby too if you nurse (both my obgyn and pediatrician recommended that I continue to supplement iron as I did during the pregnancy only a lower dose).

The hair loss is normal though because during the pregnancy and a little while after giving birth you don't lose any hair - it just gets thicker - so now it goes back to normal.


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Unfortunately, you just have to sit through it. I am going through the same thing and have developed a receding hair-line like my brother!!! I wear a lot of hats, scarfs, and have developed funky hair-dos to hide how much I have lost.... and I am already seeing baby-hair grow in. I am beginning to think this is why many neo-moms cut their hair short!!!

Iron is a good tip, although neither me nor my sister have really seen any difference.

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Thanks proserpina! Maybe I should cut my hair... Im going to start looking into shorter hair-styles... Im just so not a short-hair-person! But with how thin it is now, I NEVER wear it down (always have it up in a clip or pony-tail holder although I bunch it up in the holder. Even a pony tail looks too thin to wear!)
Im glad you see baby hair coming in. I hope mine starts to! I will try to get more iron.

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Okay, so I must say I have experienced exactly what you are going through. Yes, I lost lots and LOTS of hair during and after my pregnancy. My baby is 13 months old now and my hair is still growing back. I am having to buy a whole bunch of head bands to hold back the growing hair. Without these headbands, I look like Albert Einstein!

As far as scalp treatment goes, I highly recommend a product by Arbonne. It is called Thermal Fusion hair and scalp revitalizer. At first I didn't think this would work (being that I tried countless others). I tell you what.... IT WORKS!

The product is well worth it's price. It has and is still making a difference with my hair. It actually feels good on the scalp.

Seriously, buy it... you'll thank me later! Below you will find a link to the Arbonne website. You will have to buy it from an Arbonne consultant. When in their webpage, click on the link "Locate a consultant". It is really worth it.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Arbonne

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Not sure if this will work but the link below will direct you to the product I recommended. It is in the Arbonne "Intelligence, not so basic hair care" line.

Here is a link that might be useful: Not-so-basic hair care

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get your thyroid tested. Pregnancy can affect a lot of things and one of them is a change in thyroid function. If your thyroid gland slows down, the symptoms are hair loss, weight gain as well as dry skin and feeling cold all the time.

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