Brecking water

craftmom_9October 3, 2002

My water never broke with 5 babys all single births. Now DD is 4 days late & Dr, keeps telling her that her water needs to breck first. Do they still breck it if she goes into hard labor first. She has been having pains on and off for 3 days. As sone as they put her on the moniter they slow & stop. I'm fustrated with running her over to hospital. No Baby father. craftmom_9

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I'm sure there is more to the story than the water breaking. If her pains are on and off, then she is not in 'true' labor. And although when you are as big as a house, it seems like a lot, 4 days is not really that "late". I started having pains about a week before I was in "true" labor.

If she walks around and the pains get better, it is false labor. If she walks around and they worsen, chances are it is real. Is she going to the hospital on her own, or did she call doc first and get the go-ahead? There is a series of questions they will usually ask to see if she needs to come in or not.

(by the way, my water never broke. Criteria was how regular and consistent and how far apart the pains were, and whether they worsened with walking around).

Best of luck!

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From what I've heard it's not unreal for the doctor to wait until 2 weeks after the due date before they worry and plan an induction or something. The due date is really just a guess and they can't be sure so maybe the baby isn't coming because it's not time yet. Believe me, after having two pregnancies end in premature births (one was twins that died because it was too soon) I wouldn't push it. Let the doctor decide when it's the right time. If it's too soon you've got time to spend at the hospital and many tests and worrying. They induced my aunt because they believed she was late and my cousin ended up in the NICU for about a month because he wasn't late and his lungs weren't ready and he had problems breathing. Give it time before you worry that the doctor is doing something wrong.

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In this day and age once the water has broken (either artificially or on its own)it pretty much commits the mother to giving birth within 24 hours for fear of infection. Most doctors are fine with going two weeks past a due date unless there are other presenting problems before inducing labor. From what you've said the doctor is doing absolutely nothing wrong and will want nature to take its course for a while longer.

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Baby is here . Induced 10-7 water broke at 11:55 AM
baby born at 1.14PM 8lbs .32oz 20 in long Mother & daughter doing fine. Katarina Renee name
Yhanks for all your suport. craftmom

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What a big baby! No wonder she was ready to get it over with! An Autumn baby is very special! Congratulations!!!!

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