reinforcing plaster ceiling from above

uniflowFebruary 7, 2013

Greetings, My kitchen ceiling has 3/8" rock lath + 1/4" plaster. In replacing an old circline fixture with a fan I noticed about four hairline cracks around the 4 X 4 box hole radiating out about 10" to 12". I am concerned about the dynamic load the rigidly mounted fan my transmit to the ceiling and don't want these cracks to grow. If I screwed a sheet of 3/4" OSB or plywood into the 2 X 6 joists from the attic would this distribute the load better and stiffen the ceiling up?
Thanks for your input.
Jim Gassner

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Fan should be monted to a special box that attaches to the joIst. No load from the fan should be on the cieling

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Thanks for the reply. The fan is hung from a fan box which is supported by a 2 X 8 crosspiece screwed into the joists on either side. The ceiling plate, however, bears on the plaster via four rubber feet. I will balance the fan as carefully as I can but am still concerned about any vibration causing further damage. Thank you again

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