Day Care vs. At Home Nanny(No.Cal)

mikestanOctober 20, 2005


my wife and I will be due our first child in the spring and we're starting to try and figure out the best place to leave our child during the work week.

Looking for some general comments on day cares vs. nanny's, and if anyone has any insight into pricing in Northern California, East Bay, East Contra Costa County.

Our neighbors use nanny's that come over during the day while they're at work, while other people we know use day cares. This is new to all of us, so any help is appreciated.


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If you can afford a nanny who will come to your house and care for your child/children only in your own home, that is by far the best way to go.
As for pricing, ask your neighbors. Much depends on if you provide the nanny room and board.....and some keep a car for her use, to take the children to the park or kiddy classes of one sort or another. Some provide gas and insurance for her car, and others a phone for her use.
Think about the hassle of dressing the baby and getting him/her into a car seat and to the daycare every morning and the reverse at night.....
If you can afford it....a live in nanny is the best alternative!
Linda C

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It depends what your needs are. As Lindac pointed out, a nanny is great for many reasons
1) you don't have to drop them off and pick them up or worry if you're running late
2) Your child gets one on one care
3) Less chance of getting sick since they are not exposed to many children
However, you have to find a someone you trust completely. And, nannies can get extremely expensive.
Daycare is good option because it wil allow your child to develop social skills at an early age and its less expensive then having a nanny. Its a lot easier to find a good daycare center as they have several clients and you can get feedback from multiple people.
Good Luck.

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Hi. I am a nanny in the east bay. I actually work in Concord. I am a great nanny and if I had to leave my child it would be with a nanny. Make sure she/he is trustlined and check the references very carefully. You can use a placement agency to do all this for you. I have been a nanny for 5 years and I love it. I have been with my family for two years and now bring my 3 month old son with me. A nanny is different then an au pair because she doen't live with you. Au pairs are usually more cost effective but both have pros and cons. A nanny in the Bay Area will range from $15-$20 per hour. Be wary of a "cheap" nanny. Good luck!

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Many nannys do live in. The difference between a nanny and an au pair is ( or should be) training.
My son and DIL had a live in nanny ( actually 2) when the twins were little, about 9 years ago, and in the Chicago suburbs paid $250 a week, own room and bath, own phone line, gas and insurance for her car and of course meals and permission for her to keep her cat.
It depends on many things.
Linda C

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During infancy, we were lucky to find an in home care that had a 3-1 ratio (two caregivers to 6 kids). They limited it to 18 months and younger.

When she turned 2, I put her in a daycare sponsored by our church.

Pro to small group care is socialization skills. And some would say the pro is the colds, etc that go around, as they help build future immunities.
Cons were already mentioned - nanny gives one-on-one, where the other care centers have more than one child to divide attention between. Also the cold-passing-around.

I visited lots of places and if I had not found that wonderful in-home place for infant care, I would have quit my job. I did not like ANY of the chain places for DD when she was an infant.

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i am a nanny in texas i a live out working 55 hours a week...i love my job and i think that leaving your child with a nanny is a much better in are paid less than live outs obviously...i am paid 450 a week but i also do clean their home, as far in cali i am not sure but check on line and talk to nannies that need work in cali ask them how much they charge

their are lots of good nannies out their willing to love and look after your child just as you would

good luck

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