Baby Furniture . . . ?

bostonterrier00October 17, 2006

I am not pregnant (that I know of, haha), I just have always liked to be prepared . . . You just never know! I had a dream the other night that I was pregnant and had nothing! I am sure many women have had this dream. I am thankful for the dream, because it made me think about planning ahead. I really want to invest in quality furniture, I only want to buy it once for all of my children. Then pass it on to others that need it after I am done. Crib, playpen, carseat, stroller . . .

I can afford it right now, so I would like to start researching the products and purchasing. If I am unable to get pregnant (unlikely) I'll just ebay it or give it to someone else. Where did you get your furniture? I was thinking of checking out unfinished furniture stores. What about jogging strollers? Carseats?

This probably sounds silly, since we will probably not be trying for another year or 2, but I figured it would be easier on our budget if I started getting things gradually right now.

Thank you.

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Personally, I would save up and buy when the time comes that you need it. It's all usable, but styles change from year to year. My oldest is 6 yo. THe stuff I bought for him was starting to look dated when my third child was born 3 1/2 years later. If you buy now, get pregnant in two years, it will almost be three full years before you have that baby. If you have a second child five years from now, the stuff is going to look really dated.

Things like carseats have an expiration date on them. True, sometimes they get recalled and that would give you an advantage on buying now, but you don't want them sitting around for a few years while the plastic deteriorates either. I would want to purchase the latest safety features available. That could change in a couple of years.

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I have to agree with adellabedella. So many products change and usually improve (sometimes just within a year or two) so I wouldn't really plan on keeping most things for many kids.

Most furniture, the bed, changing table and dresser should be good investments and able to last for years, though. A good highchair should last at least for a couple kids too.

Wait on buying, and then plan on buying new carseats for each child if they are spaced more than 2 years apart. They just don't hold up and newer safer models are always coming out.

I know you may want to buy some stuff now since you have the money, but remember you'll probably have a shower and people will want to buy things for you. Baby things seem to just keep improving with every year so I'm not sure I would buy much stuff other than the furniture (and even then your tastes may change). Have you thought of just keeping a separate savings account for baby things? That way you can save the money but still be able to get the most up to date items when the time comes.

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carla35, thank you so much for your post. I will wait on the carseats. I already have a high chair, straight from Penn. Amish made Oak wood (really nice quality). I will just get the crib changing table and dresser for now like you mentioned. I am not one to go with the styles of the year, I prefer classic (more expensive but cheaper in the long run). Thank you again for your help.

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I think it's really sick to be buying baby furniture 2 years before you are even thinking of trying to get pregnant.
Put the money into a medium risk no load mutual fund and buy the furniture after you officially know you are carrying a child.
I know more than a few women who thought they would have no trouble getting pregnant and that waiting crib turned into a rebuke as ever un fertile month passed and with every mis-carriage.
Don't buy now!
Linda C

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I am sorry you find it sick,I however do not. Geesh I didn't mean to offend anyone. . I did not not start this post for opinions on whether I should buy it or not. I simply posted to ask where you purchased quality furniture. Unforntunely I probably did give a little too much info on my pregnant status. Nevermind I'll ask elsewhere.


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ha i had to get all of my things at once and it was hard! its easier if you do start now. or buy second hand. it makes since to do that babes grow out of things so quickly and styles and personal tastes change quickly. i bought used and saved a ton of money! i used a desk ($15 from a thrift store) and painted it. worked great for a change table when i added a pad to the top. now my son is to old for that it makes a great pc desk! good luck and hope this helps! ;)

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Thank you. I have gotten a couple of things second hand, I got a really nice chair glide rocker, I will just redo the cushion fabric myself. Also, my husband got a brand new base cabinet, the owners were going to throw it out because it had a small crack in it (hubby can fix that!) I will put a padded top on it and voila a changing table with drawers! Thank you so much! You have been very helpful.


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