Hostess gifts for shower

katy_bugOctober 3, 2007

You will have to excuse me because I posted this on the entertaining forum as well . . . but I just wasn't sure how much cross over there is and this applies to both!

I am being honored with a baby shower by my MIL friends in a couple of weeks. I need to get gifts for the 10 hostesses for the shower. I am thinking of doing chocolates since there are so many hostesses, but I want to make them seem special. I love these:

But I would prefer something in the $5-8 range instead of the $10-13 range since I have to buy 10 of them.

Any ideas for "pretty" chocolates that I can order on the internet?

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I think we need more information. You are pregnant and they are giving you a baby shower, right? Why are you buying gifts for the guests at a shower given for you?

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She is getting gifts for the hostesses.
I would go to the Russel Stover dealer and buy a mini package. They don't expect a big lavish just want to give a small token of appreciation.
Linda C

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What about Godiva or Ghiradelli in the mall? I would imagine you could find something there in your price range. Christy :)

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