What age to give honey?

lilypad22September 4, 2002

I know it is bad for little babies, but I have looked all over and cannot find what age it is okay that they have honey. If someone knows this it would be real helpful! thanks.

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At least a year, maybe two depending.

This is an example of just one page that uses the one year (12 months) cut off.


That kind of info usually appears on 'toddler diet' or similar nutrition pages. Basically 12 month old developmental and health 'maturity' should be fine. I know some people who went for 2 years mainly out of extreme caution.

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I did actually see on the label of a honey jar recently not to give honey to kids until they reach at least one year.

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One of the pther problems with honey, beside the possibility of botulism, is that it often contains pollen from allergy causing plants. The young child, especially if there is a family history of allergies, doesn't need to extra exposure. The food value received would be very small compared to the possible danger. I would wait until the baby is at least two. It's one of those better be safe than sorry things.

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One year old at the very least.

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