Braxton Hicks

phyllis_philodendronSeptember 30, 2003

I called my OB yesterday because I thought I was getting at least four or more BH contractions per hour. I've experienced a complete hardening of the uterus - which might last for a minute or so. But sometimes only parts of my belly feel hard while other parts feel soft. Is this just the baby pressing against my stomach? Or are these BH contractions too? I'm confused.

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I dont remember hardness or softness.

The key to tell is: Does it ease up with a short walk, or get worse after walking?

If a short stroll makes it better, they are BH. If they get worse, call the doc!

I had a cold when I went into labor. Sick as a dog. And you know you sometimes sleep in the recliner instead of the bed, so you can breathe easier? So I finally decided to move from the bed to the recliner in the den. BOOM!!! Contractions hard and fast the minute I walked down the hall.

Still I thought it was false because it was 2 weeks early. But I called the doc and he said to come on in! And she was born later that day!

Can't WAIT to hear back from you!!!

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Just firm most of the time, like bloating or something, not hard - but sometimes only portions of my stomach get hard and I can feel a little head or something in there. Other times the whole thing gets hard for a few seconds. Drinking water seemed to help and I got fewer contractions - but they started up again last night, just not as many.

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My dr. said the only difference between Braxton Hix and "real" labor is that with one you bring home a baby. In otherwords they feel the same, so if you're questioning it go ahead and call the dr. if your close to your due date he may have you go to the hospital so they can monitor (they're really nice about it, I know i did it twice - and it was my second kiddo)


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Phyllis, I know this is your due 'month' but when is your actual due date? I can't remember!

But I sure am getting excited for you! Are you pretty much ready around the house?

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They probably are Braxton Hicks. I'm 3 weeks away from my due date so they seem to be coming on harder than they were previously. Like you, I sometimes get the ones where only part of my belly is hard. I tend to get them more in the evenings when I'm tired or if I haven't been drinking enough water. I find that laying down or putting my feet up seems to help in getting them to stop. Go ahead and call your doctor anytime you have questions. More than likely everything you are feeling is nature taking its course to get ready for the baby, but it's always nice to have some confirmation that that is what is happening.

If this is your due month, I'm guessing your baby is upside down and is getting ready to drop if he/she hasn't already. The movements that you are feeling at the top of your belly are probably from the feet or knees. If you feel some weird scratching like movements down lower near your hip bones, it's probably the little hands and fingers moving around. You probably won't feel the head, but you'll know where it is because it's pressing on your bladder.

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I'm just now 32 weeks today - yay, let's celebrate! After everything this summer I thought this time would never come. I'm due Nov. 28 - a turkey baby! (Just like his mom)

I definitely know they're Braxton Hicks - I've done so much darned research on this stuff it's terrible! I went to lamaze class the next night and wouldn't you know, they showed a video on preterm labor and BH - the ones where only part of the uterus hardens are localized contractions and as they put it, 'are not as much to worry about.' I've been trying to get more fluids, etc. and keep my activity level pretty even. The true BH seem to happen when I walk up and down the steps or sometimes just sitting. Localized can happen all the time no matter what I'm doing. I think after that bleeding episode I had four months ago, we've already determined that my utuerus is irritable! LOL

I don't think he's dropped yet - maybe turned to face me or he's just running out of room. I still feel what seems to be a head under my right rib, making it feel like I"m slouching sometimes and my ribs are digging in. Very uncomfortable! For the longest time his head has been in my ribs whereas the feet were at the bottom, above my left hip, kind of at an angle. That's where all the kicking was. Now I feel less of that (probably knees or something) and more movement that feels like he's turning his head. It's really weird! Right now he's moving a little and also has hiccups. : )At my last exam the doctor couldn't tell how he was positioned, whether it was butt or head, so we might have to do another ultrasound.

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So how are you feeling, Miss Phyllis?

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Still getting BH. Sunday was bad - we were walking around the mall, I was cranky, and then we had my baby shower to go to. I could tell I was getting way more than I should have, so I went home and drank lots of water and went to bed. Wednesday I stayed home and putzed around and felt much better; but even a quick trip to Walmart yesterday and I was getting them. I drank SOOO much water yesterday but it didn't seem to help unless I laid down, so I don't know. I don't think it will be long now! (Doctor says he has turned head down, so that's a good sign.) I have a doctor's appt next Wednesday. I find that inadequate sleep, stress, getting agitated, or shifting positions/bending makes me get them. Sometimes just sitting in a strange position does it. But i t's hard to tell if they're all over or just local sometimes when I'm sitting, because if I stand up part of the uterus still feels soft, whereas when I sit it doesn't. But over the last two days he's been really active!

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Wow! That's something. How cruel is that, that not enough sleep makes them worse, but if I recall, getting a good night's sleep was next to impossible in the last month and a half or so!

Won't be long now!

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Things are getting exciting for you! I had lots and lots of Braxton Hicks right up until the last few days. There was a definite 'calm' before the 'storm' of labour! Look on the bright side - your uterus is going to be all nice and toned, ready for the big event. Keep us posted....


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I've actually been getting fewer BH cx lately, believe it or not! (Hopefully this isn't the 'calm' I've been starting to get a little bloody show, so who knows - they say that can be a poor indicator since labor could still be weeks away. 36 weeks today and bags are all packed! Yippee!

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Still waiting?? I bet not, since you haven't posted in a few days, and the bloody show means the event is sure to be soon. I remember having Braxton Hicks contractions and my uterus did get very hard. No real pain, just a tightness. I had them during the last month only, I think. The baby is now 26, but I loved being pregnant, so I remember things pretty well. Real labor was much different for me, having a definite rise and fall even with the earliest contractions. If I do remember right, I was told BH was a good sign. Can't remember why, though. I'm so excited for you! Keep us informed!
BITY (waiting for a "grand" someday)

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