proserpinaSeptember 27, 2007

Do any of you have a clever idea on how to reutilize the thousand jars of baby food after you've used them? I'm a big recycler, but if there is another way of using them....

I'm thinking of incorporating them in one of my step-son's games at his birthday party.



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My mom shaped them into a christmas tree and then glued them together. She put green felt around the shape of the tree, and drilled holes in the tops of the jars. She put pieces of that shiny garland in each jar and put the lids back on them. Then got a small string of Christmas lights and inserted one light bulb into each jar. The whole thing stands up, and is quite cute!! She made a bunch of them and gave them away. I'd show you a pic but it is in my Christmas box packed away. The shape was something like this:


Christy :)

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I know someone who had them in his workshop. He used only the jars with the screw on lids and nailed the lids to the underside of a shelf and screwed the jars to the lids. They held small screws, glazier points, tacks brads eye hooks etc.
Linda C

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