baby has rolls

tonib40September 9, 2003

I was wondering if you could give me some advice on what to do with 2 month old grandaughter. She has some rolls under her neck and the creases are getting really red. We give her a bath and make sure it is dry and try powder and we just put on some cornstarch now, to see if that helps. Any advice would be great cause it looks so sore. Thanks

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Aquaphor - most pharmacies carry this otc product *behind* their counter so you have to ask for it - but it really is a wonder product. My son spit up so much, he was always red around the neck until my pediatrician told me about this. It is also great for preventing diaper rash. ~ Suzie

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This happened to my daughter and the Doctor said it was a yeast infection. You might want to check out that possiblilty.

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My doc has us put a tiny amound of lotrimin cream in the folds when it gets red like that. Clears it right up. Bibs help a lot as well.

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if it's not yeast infection, another vote for Aquaphor.

It's basically an industrial-strength Vaseline. It sticks really well, so the moisture barrier remains for much longer than Vaseline's.

The first time I bought it, i had to ask the pharmacist for it (and it ain't cheap!) but last week I saw a smaller package of it on the shelf in the big drug store.

I also have liked a cream called Aloe Vesta; I buy it from the ostomy section of the AARP's drug-store program, which has a phenomanally low shipping&handling--$1, a few years ago--but I've seen it in some drug stores. Get the cream or ointment in the tube, not the lotion. A lot of ostomy products are good, long-clinging moisture barriers. (the Aloe Vesta stays a REALLY long time, and it's not as thick. I used to think is just erased diaper rash).

the Aloe Vesta line also includes an anti-fungal ointment, though I wouldn't get that w/o a doc's OK. The Protective Ointment is just great, though.

for Convatec's Aloe Vesta

Here is a link that might be useful: buy Aquaphor online

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