Help! I need more sleep!

kns_montySeptember 13, 2005

I have a healthy and robust (13lbs at last appt) 6 week old. I am breastfeeding and am having trouble getting my son to sleep more than 2 hours at night. He only eats from one side at a time because he is too sleepy. I have tried changing him in between and even squirting saline solution up his nose. ( yes he is congested so I am not just torturing him for fun.) Nothing seems to work. Also he really prefers to sleep on his tummy which I know is a no-no but otherwise he fusses all night. Side sleeping works a bit better but he really prefers tummy. Any advice on either issue would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

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Some of the swings are made for younger babies so they can recline and sleep at the same time. Have you tried one of those?

Also, I don't know what they are called or what they look like, but there is some type of baby equipment that you can attach to a baby bed to make it vibrate and help the child fall asleep. Something like that might work.

My first child was an every two hour eater. I'm happy to say he outgrew that around three months after he had doubled his birth weight. It's hard those first few months, but it does get easier (at least until the teeth start coming in and the kids stop sleeping well again.)

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How are you doing now?
A fella that size will definately eat alot more..and 6 weeks is a growth spurt. Being that this post was originated in September...I bet you are on to new experiences now.

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How long is your little ones naps? I kept my little one on a feed wake sleep schedule feeding three hours from the beginning of his first feed, then some wake time, and then sleep and he began sleeping 4 hours at a time at night by 6 weeks. Also, at that age even though some people are against it, is a good time to introduce a paci. Is he really eating or does he want to be pacified? My ped told me to introduce a paci and it worked. Also, it helpd to establish a night time ritual to help him know what time it is. I either bath or wipe down my little ones face and change his clothes every evening and then I feed and put to bed. Good luck.

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well i would say 1 never never never put a baby on theire stomach to sleep they may not lift theire head if they cannot breathe.well my 1st baby was like yours but theire is 1 thing that worked and it was his swing.i would try that,also the only thing u can really do is get up and nurse believe me i know i have 8 wk old twins so i am exausted but i sleep when they sleep. well thats if both are asleep!!!

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