phyllis_philodendronSeptember 30, 2002

I bought a package of Pampers' "Newborn Swaddlers" for a shower gift for a friend. They were really cute - even had the cut out for the umbilical cord - until I noticed the diapers themselves (not the wipes) had alcohol in them! Has anyone noticed this? I took them back, thinking surely that isn't good for little baby's bottom! Much less the umbilical cord area. In the end I bought some alcohol-free wipes and thought I'd let the mother decide on diapers.

I tried to find something else in exchange but found that all major brands, with the exception of Huggies, have alcohol in them. There is another ingredient in Huggies that I have never heard of - perhaps it's a substitute for alcohol. No wonder babies get rashes and dry skin - these companies are probably out to get more of your money through their additional products!

Has anyone's child reacted adversely from this? Or is it just a trace ingredient?

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My DD has very sensitive skin (food allergies, but when she was newborn we had no idea what it was). We used generics when she was breast-fed/formula only, and they worked fine. But after food was introduced, and the messes got messier, they were no longer adequate, and she would get such a rash. I tried all the brands, and at the time, Pampers Premium was the only one that didn't irritate her little bottom. I never noticed alcohol because I never thought of diapers as having 'ingredients'. I was going to email them and ask, but their web page Q&A wants too much personal info and I don't need to get on any more mailing lists LOL

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I think most wipes have things in them that people aren't aware of. Also, they tend to give you wipe things to wipe the umbilical cord and I believe they are alcohol wipes. Babies are all different. What may bother one may not bother another. I know MIL said that her one son was allergic to all disposible diapers so they had to use cloth. My DS could never use the generics as a baby because he got a rash so we stuck with Huggies because we liked the velcro. My nephew is 3 months old and Luv's give him a rash. Same can go with wipes. Some bother kids, others don't. So really anything you may buy for a baby, whether it be diapers or bottles or pacifiers or clothing, may be something the kid doesn't like or can't handle. You don't know until you try it...

BTW~alcohol in the wipes may be what makes them so great to clean up messes with! We've found that they remove pen, marker and even crayon from walls and other places...

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They're making alcohol-free wipes now, I've noticed. I did buy some of those. If those ingredients are harsh to our skin, I can't imagine what they'd do to some poor kid. But I never figured the diapers themselves would have it. Since Huggies doesn't, maybe that's why your baby's skin didn't react?

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Actually, I think it has more to do with everything that goes into the diapers and wipes and how they're meant to work. It doesn't just mean that he was allergic to the alcohol in the diapers or whatever...it could be any number of things. Not all products are made the same and honestly, I never read what went into diapers to make them...just used them. It could also have been because some diapers are made to asorb more and others don't that caused his problems. And honestly, it could have just been a fluke but I quit using those diapers after that just because I wasn't going to risk spending money on something he couldn't use.

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