How accurate are ultrasounds?

okieladybugSeptember 23, 2009

DH and I are expecting our first child, due in February. Last week we went to the hospital for an ultrasound. The baby was very wiggly and the ultrasound tech had a really hard time getting any shot of the genetalia. The only shot she could get was from below the feet, but it still wasn't very clear. At the end, she said it appeared that we're having a girl. Any ideas on how accurate this is? I don't care either way, but I really would like to know. They detected a minor problem with my placenta so I will have to go for another ultrasound and maybe then we'll get a more definitive view, but I was just curious about what you all think on the subject.

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I would wait for another ultra sound, whenever they give that one. If she is saying maybe a girl, she is actually saying that she did not see that little nub between the legs for a boy. But since she was having so much trouble seeing, I would wait before buying pink things or announcing it to the world. It could be that the nub was there but she just was not able to see it.

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Someone once told me that an ultrasound is never a 100% that you're having a girl, but that the boy announcement probably is. I guess you can never really tell with the girls. My sister in-law had an ultrasound last year where her daughter had her legs spread open for them to see and the ultrasound tech still told her that it was just a 65% chance that they were having a girl. I would definitely wait on making any announcements or gender specific gifts for this baby like Sheilajoyce said, and possibly reconfirm if you're having another ultrasound done later on down the road.

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Ultrasounds are often not accurate enough for the reasons you experienced. Wiggly, baby laying oddly. BUT if a penis is seen then your accuracy goes up 100%

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When I went in for my last ultrasound, we were told we were having a girl and that the tech was "as sure as she could be", pointing out 3 little dots that denote something to do with a little girls reproductive system. We are still not 100% sure, but if it is born a boy, we will be scrambling to find things that are not pink. When showing everyone the disc that had the images on it, I would have to agree with the tech, but it is a lot harder to prove that something isn't there, than prove it is.

I would simply wait for your next ultrasound and hope for better pictures. Maybe it will cooperate better next time around. Good luck and congrats on the baby.

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