What are the most used or 'can't do without' items for your baby?

dalanaSeptember 27, 2007

My daughter is about to have her first baby and I am trying to help get the things she needs. With all the newest baby toys, swings, play stations & walkers, it is so hard to choose from. So I'm asking you, what you use the most or items that you could not have lived without for your baby. I mean ANYTHING from the most convenient crib down to the smallest pacifier. In advance,thanks a bunch!

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If she lives in a cold climate, my number one must have was the Posh Pouch by kiddapotomus & co. I loved it, it kept my little one nice and warm all winter :) It went right over her carseat and did not interfere with snapping the carseat into the base or the stroller. You can find it at babies 'r us and amazon.com. They have different colors as well. Good luck!! Christy :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Babies 'r Us Posh Pouch

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It's amazing how much you do use with such a little person! I just had my 2nd, and these are some items that we've loved for both.
Graco Snug-Ride Car Seat (Good for up to about 6 mos. when you'll have to get another one, but it's great to snap in & out of the base so you don't have to wake up a sleeping baby!)
Fisher-Price Papasan Swing
Bouncy Seat (Our boys liked both of these, but some babies like one or the other.) These are great for when you need to do something around the house or a shower!
Activity Mat/Gym
Pack n Play
Fisher-Price Healthy Care High Chair
Kozy Pal Cart Cover (see link - I used this a lot with a shopping cart or on a high chair when out to eat to protect baby from germs.)
Waterproof Lap Pads (Helps protect changing pad cover so you don't have to change it with every accident, just swap the pad.)
Stroller - I wish I'd gotten the Peg Perego P3. My Graco Quattro was OK.
Footed Sleepers (I preferred Carter's.)
Skip Hop Diaper bag (Makes the Spark version at Target.)
Glider (not so much with #1, but #2 needed it)
Do you have to have all of these? No, but it makes life a little easier with a newborn ; )

Here is a link that might be useful: Kozy Pal Cart Covers

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Nipple guards--a life saver for baby who could not/would not latch on well.
Graco Snap-n-Go
Bouncing chair--swing seat that hangs from the door frame on a bungee type cord

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Gowns for sleeping! I used the footed sleepers and they were difficult for my DH to deal with at night when changing diapers. Then I started using the gown kinds every night and they were wonderful. Wal-Mart has the ones that zips close for cooler nights.

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I backpack style diaper bag. Her hands will be busy with the new baby to have to worry about carrying the diaper bag too. Also, i wouldnt worry about the pacifier. Most hospitals give them one when they are born. If you buy some that are different it is hard to get the baby to change they pacifier that they are already use to.

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I bought a pack of 10 white bibs at Babies R Us. These were great because I could Oxy-clean them or use a little bleach. Same with white onesies. Also white cloth diapers for spit up, spills and everything else! I also liked:
-travel high chair (I think it's by playskool) great for vacations or overnight trips where they may not have highchairs, also used it when the baby outgrew his high chair and wanted to sit at the table. I just took the tray off and pushed him up to the table.
-The First Step catalogue has a lot of great products.
-cheap umbrella stroller, very easy for shopping trips.
-Jogging stroller for around the neighborhood and getting back in shape!
-I used the Avent bottles and milk bags while breast feeding. My hubby was able to heat up the frozen milk easily when I went back to work.
-I found I was always losing tiny baby socks, so I just bought a small pair of sock-slippers. They seemed to stay on better.
-When baby gets older: cheap First Years sippy cups and spoons and forks. If they get lost or scummy, you just buy new ones.
-Pack N Play
-baby monitor (if you have a large-ish house or baby will be in another room).
-baby first aid kit.

I know there is more, I'll have to think about it!

Also, one problem a lot of moms I know run into with baby showers and clothing gifts, sometimes the clothes are OFF SEASON. Make sure your daughter saves gift receipts and tags. Sometimes the cutest outfits are given for winter, in a size the baby will be in the summer.

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I've been keeping a baby a lot lately and one thing I'm thankful I have is a Baby Sling. You can get them from many different sources (or even make your own). It allows the mom (or other caregiver) to comfort the baby and still have their hands free to do other things. The baby is very snug in the sling and often sleeps easily in it.

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I got a baby sling and a baby bjorn and--for now--the baby bjorn is what my (3 week old) baby prefers. I put him in it and he stays asleep as I walk around the house, getting stuff done.

I also love the Avent bottles and I am also breastfeeding. I worked in childcare for years and the Avent bottles leak less than other brands and have a more breast-like shaped nipple. Breast-fed babies who wouldn't take bottles of other brands would take Avent bottles. Be sure to get the "newborn" nipples (with only one hole), though. My son can't handle the stream from the 2+ hole nipples yet. Also, the Lasinoh nipple cream (store brand works too) is critical.

I have two hand pumps that I like--the Ameda given to me in the hospital and Avent's Isis hand pump. The Avent pump is more comfortable--it has a soft breast cushion--but the Ameda pumps marginally more milk than the Avent.

My son doesn't like the bouncy chair, but in my experience, most infants LOVE them.

The Graco carseat that snaps in and out of its base is WONDERFUL.

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