Sleeping anyone?

proserpinaSeptember 13, 2007

OK, so my baby was sleeping through the night when he reached 12lbs. I was proud and well rested... but since my husband has a hectic work schedule, with half a wimper, I would jump up and quiet him down, with a pacifier or a feeding. Well, my professional sleeper soon reverted to waking up several times a night.

My husband wanted to do the goodie-old cry-it-out method but I just couldn't bring myself to it... so after much research (gotta love Barnes and Noble), I found the Sleep Lady's book. She has a website and all where you can find other sleepless parents to bond with, but the book has been very helpful and our little guys is now sleeping (even though the first few nights were tough). It's a much more gentle method for those of us who just can't tough it out...

Just thought I would pass this along.......

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So give a thumbnail sketch to us so we understand what you are talking about. How is it more gentle?

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