Anyone attempt a VBAC?

phyllis_philodendronSeptember 2, 2006

I'm 8 days from my due date and hoping to VBAC. I'm wondering if anyone here has tried it and how your experiences went. I realize I might still need a c/s but am hoping to avoid it since the baby isn't breech this time. I went into labor the first time and dilated, so I know my body can do that much. I'm hoping to hear some positive feedback from other moms who have done it!

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Phyllis, here is a link that should be very helpful. I only read the threads, so I don't know if you have to join to post questions. But even just reading, you'll get lots of info. I wish you and your baby the best no matter how he/she arrives :o)

Here is a link that might be useful: VBAC info

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I'm sure you've already have your baby no matter which way. Congratulations!!! My daughter had a c-section her first time because she had kidney stones and she went into premature labor. The next pregnancy was fine, no stones, and she had a wonderful midwife who convined her to go the vbac route although the doctors were skeptical. Everything turned out okay and she just had her third and again she went through the whole negativity thing with the doctors, but she made the decision to vback and again, everything was fine. I hope you had the same good experience she did.

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I know Phyllis_Philodendron from another group...she had a successful VBAC and a perfect and beautiful little girl.
Linda C

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