SW Wool Skein

carlybJuly 3, 2011

Just painted my 100 yr old Kitchen..Painted it twice! It's a northern room with two eastern windows shaded by a huge black oak so dark room. At first I painted it BM niveous and the slightly yellow white made the room hot, which I didn't like at all since it is hot. Next day used SW Wool Skein and love it. Not only the color which is a lovely creamy color but preferred the Sherwin Williams paint over Benjamin Moore. SW flowed like melted butter, great coverage and not as much drip. Used satin Duration. It had taken me forever to choose a color and messed up the first time even so.

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Forgot to add the room has lots of stained woodwork & the original wood floor which has reds & golds in it which I believe contributed to the "hot" feel of Nivous and the coolside of Wool Skein made it work.

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