Increasing breastmilk production

adellabedella_usaAugust 19, 2002

I know this has been mentioned on here several times in the past, but I can't find it. What is the name of the stuff you can buy from the health food store to increase milk production? And is there a good place to buy it on-line?



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This breastfeeding site has a lot of links to articles about different ways to increase milk supply. It includes prescription information as well as information about 'natural' methods. The main thing to watch out for when using natural products is to keep in mind that milk production is hormonally regulated so anything that has an effect is affecting a woman's hormonal system (even if it is natural).

most of the articles have good information about the different methods that could be used

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I thought one way was to drink more milk. I thought I heard this from a pediatrician. Could be wrong.

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An herb that was recommended to me was fenugreek. You can get it in a tea that you can buy at the store made by Traditional Medicinals called Mother's Milk. Or you can buy it in a health food store. It worked for a short period of time with my oldest daughter but I was under a lot of stress and lost my milk.

I have a 7 month old daughter (my third) and with her I drank so much but was still having a problem with the quantity of milk. I had several freinds who mentioned to me beer :-). No, I didn't take their advice. But I am sure non-alcoholic beer would be fine. It is the hops in it I guess that stimulates your milk supply. And they recommended that I drink it in the afternoon. I just didn't have the stomach for it.

Another thing that was mentioned was for me to lay down for a half hour every afternoon. Your body makes milk when you are resting. With three kids that was not going to work.

What I did do that worked was I stopped drinking juice, milk (took calcium supplements) and tea (decaf) and just started drinking plain old water and lots of it. It worked miracles. It is best to have something to help you gauge how much you are drinking. There were days I thought I drank tons and when I figured it out I really hadn't drank that much. I keep it all over the house and in the car. I have not had a problem since other than a lot of leaking if I miss feedings or if the baby pops off when I am having let down. Poor kid gets squirted right in the face. Oh but I love knowing I have all she needs.

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I hve read that you can actually slightly suppress production by drinking TOO MUCH.

Nothing, but nothing, increases milk production like a nursing baby. Not even extra pumping has as good an effect.

And enough rest makes a MAJOR difference. A true nap, or a good try at it. Not just sitting down for a bit, but really trying to sleep.

Good luck!

(also, my milk supply just began tapering off starting at 7months, with both kids, no matter how much I nursed on the weekends or how much I pumped during the week.)

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I thought beer actually makes milk production go down. And babies may not like it if it tastes "off" because of alcohol present. I'm not sure about non-alcoholic, however.

Here is a link that might be useful: iVillage - Breastfeeding

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