What was your first clue...

whiteorchid75August 19, 2003

that you were pregnant??

Sorry if this has been done already. Also, I thought there was a pregnancy forum, but I guess I was wrong. ( I normally hang out on the GW side :) I hope it's ok to ask this here.

I know that a missed period is most likely the biggest, most obvious clue. However, I can't rely on that because I am not regular.

I think I might be pg, you see. I am staying exhausted, I am peeing alot more than normal, I am feeling PMS-y but no visitor, I am sore in places that I am not normally sore, and I am getting HUNGRY! when it isn't normal for me to get very hungry at all, etc...

Ok, now that I've told you more about me than you ever really wanted to know, I'll hit submit and see what happens. :)


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My boobs HURT. I mean really sore. I told DH that I was pretty sure, and I was correct!

It was a couple of weeks after our vacation. This was back when Airtran was still Valujet, and we got stranded in Orlando but they put us up at the Airport Hilton. We're pretty sure that's when it happened!

So she was our little Valujet baby! LOL

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I don't know about the hungry part. Everyone is different. In addition to the other mentioned symptoms, I always develop food aversions. Little things I don't normally care about start ticking me off.

You may have already learned that the pregnancy tests don't always give a positive result if used early in the pregnancy. I wasn't paying attention when I got pregnant with my two boys so I didn't test until about 5 weeks. Both tests developed two lines within seconds. In this pregnancy, I tested when I realized I was late since I was having the pregnancy symptoms. The 2 tests I took didn't develop even a faint second line for at least 30 minutes. It took several hours for the lines to get dark. Of course, that isn't considered a legitimate positive test, but I figured the second line wouldn't have shown up if there wasn't any of the pregnancy hormone present.

Good luck! I hope you get the result you want.

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I knew just a few days after conception when I woke up and could smell onions - they were sitting on the kitchen counter, unpeeled, clear across the house. Onions, garlic and the smell of Krispy Kreme grease/dougnuts (had to drive past a store on my way to work - ugh!) made me so sick. A week after conception, I flew 1/2 way across the country and got sick twice on the flight - once when I smelled coffee and then again when I smelled Dr Pepper. So I guess you could say that was my first sign! Severe food aversions and all day 'morning' sickness. By the time two weeks rolled around, I just knew I was. Took a home test the day I was suppose to start, so wasn't even late yet, and it was positive right away. Took a second test - still positive. Went to ob/gyn that afternoon - they didn't want to test me since I wasn't late yet - but did after I told them I had already had two positive home tests. Sure enough, I was pregnant. A week or so later was when all the other signs started to kick in - fatigue, sore breasts, etc.
Best wishes! ~ Suzie

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Forgot to mention - there used to be a pregnancy forum - also a fertility forum, but they closed down a year or so ago due to slow/no traffic. ~ Suzie

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The smells were so strong, Suzie! I remember that well. I am a coffee fiend. But the moment I got pregnant, I could not bear to taste coffee OR smell it brewing. I could smell it miles away.

I smelled everything miles away.

Speaking of confirming at the doctor's office, my doc just uses the same at-home tests that we use at home. And I was thinking they had some elaborate test, like the old rabbit test, but nope. Mine just stuck a stick in a cup of urine.

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My first clue was the night I gulped down a glass of the juice from my sister's pickled eggs.

I would smell this strange smell in the air wherever I was (in locations 30 miles away from each other).

I was itchy.

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I took a home pregnancy test two days ago.... according to that, I'm not. * sigh *

I want to be, but I guess that's a whole other conversation, isn't it??


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I had negative tests with my second child until my period was a full month late--- not sure why-- but she has always been a very healthy child. She is four now. With my fourth, the test was positive a full week BEFORE my period was late. With my first, the test was negative until the very day my period was due, and then suddenly a faint positive. Witht the third, it dawned on my due to symptoms of weird smells and tastes that I could possibly be pregnant even though I was on the pill AND nursing our six-month-old full time. Low and behold, I was! He will be three in October. Oldest is six, youngest is six months. Each pregnancy was SO different......

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Hang in there and keep trying Dawn!

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Jeans were too tight even before missing my period for #3. #2 sensitive breasts somewhat enlarged. #1 thought I had the flu, which was going around, only I never developed the fever with it that everyone else had!

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Hang in there it will happen!

My first signs were a sensitivity to smell, extremely sore breasts, extreme emotions - crying at the drop of a hat and dizziness!

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I know this post is kind of old but I thought I would add my experience. My first symptom of being pregnant was a stuffy nose. I noticed one day that I was congested and figured I was getting a cold but it never developed into one and it didn't clear up either. I wasn't even late yet so I just thought it was odd. I didn't know at the time that a stuffy nose is common when you are pregnant because of the increased blood volume.

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Hah! cute thread. I burst into tears in the middle of my spinning class (not really normal :) but didn't know why for a few more weeks. Took the test at 7 weeks. I also felt a little puffy.

you might ask why 7 weeks? well because I sort of got my period, it was just a tad lighter although I was very definitely pregnant. I had some bleeding at period time for the first 4 mos...doc said it's within normal.

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My wife was suffering from what she thought were period pains and took painkillers specifically designed for that. She joked when reading the label that it said 'don't take these if you are pregnant' and wondered how someone would have period pains when pregnant. Another week passed and still no period and a test proved positive. Fortunately the painkillers had no adverse affect and at 23:52hrs 10/24 Brian was born.

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Good Luck Dawn-Your time will come!

I knew I was pregnant, because my skin is usually clear 99% of the time, and I started breaking out like crazy!! Then I started getting bad heartburn. I don't have the aversion to smells like most women do, but my gag reflex is MUCH more sensitive, esp in the first 3-4 months!

Teresa-who is 6 months along!

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14 DPO... stuffy nose light cramping swollen breasts veins are showing, hearburn bloating back pain morning sickness taking a HPT tomorrow.. mood: anxious

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