Deckscapes disaster - what can I put over it?

DirtyJeansGalJuly 5, 2012

Got talked into Deckscapes solid (acrylic) stain a few years back. Some areas peeled quickly but we have lived with it for 5 years. My questions are:

1. Do I have to use another solid stain? We don't want the same problem but I have a feeling I'm stuck with solid for life now.

2. Are there any better solids now that it's 5 years later?

3. Oil or acryilic? Can you recommend some top-rated brands?

4. Do I need to prime the bare spots? I pressure washed.

Thanks for your help. Hope to do it this weekend!

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

Remove all of the solid color stain with Maximum Strength Deck Stripper by Thompson's.

Then choose Thompson's solid oil or semi transparent oil stain.

Follow manufacturer's recommendations.

If you're in the heat belt, this weekend is not the time to refinish your deck. You'll be disappointed again.

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Strip deck with HD-80 followed with neutralize with citralic acid. Let dry and seal with Ready Seal or Armstrong Clark.

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Learned that husband isn't keen on stripping unless it's done by me. (Take that however you want.) So we are considering Sikkens Rubbol Solid. Not much in the way of reviews yet. Also BM Arborcoat. I'm just not sure about that clear coat needing to be reapplied every year. Has anybody used these products?

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Solid oil over that mess could be a real disaster. Strip [the deck that is]. Cabot also makes a great product for that. After that you can use oil or acrylic, but i recommend priming, which is what should have been done the first time. Weathered wood needs all the help it can get to hold paint, of any kind.

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The Sikkens Rubbol Dek (acrylic) is my favorite deck stain.

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Well, looked at the sikkens and just couldn't find a color I liked so we have purchased the Arborcoat, hoping to stain tomorrow. Pressure washed, sanded chipped areas, and primed bare and new wood. (Only bought a quart.) Do we have to prime the whole deck? The rest of the old product is adhering well. Husband said he ligthly touched all board with the sander.

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Painting over the old stain is not a good idea - the old stain will fail taking the top coat with it. Take it down to wood if you want it to last, otherwise get used to the idea of doing it every few years - if that.

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