Please help with paint that comes off on sponge

kitchendetectiveJuly 12, 2011

DS2's condo is builder grade, one and a half years old. He says that when he tries to clean fingerprints off of the walls adjoining the staircases, paint comes off on his sponge. The builder used Pittsburgh Paints. It's a basic white. DS wants to repaint interior with Sherwin Williams or Ben Moore, both of which are nearby. What should he do to prep walls? What do you recommend he use? (He's probably going from white to a light gray, taupe, or greenish gray, as yet unsure, but not too dark.)

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Hi Kitchen-D!

His existing paint is a "Builder's-grade" Flat. I'm ~ 98% sure of that!
Therefore, it can't be washed well...AT ALL..., and it's also why some pigment comes off when he cleans them!!

* In this case, I wouldn't wash the walls since the whole place is new.
* I would though LIGHTLY wash...using POWDERED Dirtex!!!...the walls in the kitchen area, and maybe the main bath.
* Now for priming! Myself, Chrisn, Paintguy, etc., etc. know the wisom of using Zinsser's Gardz primer!
* This stuff is sorta thin, but it's a great penetrating primer that's real good at binding-down cheap builder's-flats!!
* NOW you've got a sealed/stabilized surface for your new topcoats!
* Buy good quality paints...that's 95% of the battle!
* Sheens?!?!? That may be up to YOU Mom!LOL!
* At least a good Eggshell everywhere. If He's single, I'd use Satin in Entry/stair areas, Kitchen, & Bath areas (Heck....I'd use Satin there anyway!!). I'd MAYBE even put a Semi-gloss in the Bath.


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Thank you soooooooooo much. DS had builder upgrade various wiring, systems, stuff inside the walls, but nothing that you actually see when inside, figuring he could do that later. Upgraded paint was not even an option, anyway.

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