Baby-safe detergent or soap for front loaders?

JoshoAugust 3, 2005

We're a month away (approximately) from the birth of our first baby.

We want to switch to a very gentle laundry detergent or soap. The problem is that we've got a front-loader, and that limits what we can use.

We'd love any suggestions!

Thank you in advance!


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I have no idea about the front loaders.

I don't recommend Dreft. It didn't clean clothes very well. I'd suggest trying the perfume free, dye free detergents. I think I used All, but I don't remember for sure. The "free" detergents seem to clean and they don't irritate the baby. I think I switched back to my normal detergent after the first container because babies do get adjusted to their environment after a short while.

This is a little off topic, but I'll add it since I'm assuming you're worried about irritating the babies skin. Babies will often get a case of "infant acne" or a rash on their face around four-six weeks. It's not caused by detergent or improper cleaning, etc. Mother Natures chooses this way to get mom's hormones out of the baby's system. It's looks awful for a couple of weeks and then clears up.

Congratulations on your baby!

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Hi Josh. I have a front loader and in my research have not come across a "baby" detergent for front loaders. I use the delicate cycle because it includes an extra rinse. I use Tide Free High Efficiency soap and have had no problems. Also, check your washer instructions...the model you have may have an allergy cycle.

Congratulations on your upcoming addition!

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Thank you both! The baby was born three weeks ago, and she's healthy and beautiful and all that we could've wished for.

AdellaBedella, I've heard the same thing about Dreft and have avoided it. And little Natalie has already entered the acne phase...oooh, she's so advanced. :-)

Leone76, Tide Free HE would be exactly what I'm looking for, but I'm having trouble locating it. According to the Tide website, I'm not the only one -- a lot of people there have mentioned difficulty finding it. May I you buy it at a national chain store, a local grocery store, or...?

Many thanks,

Here is a link that might be useful: My Website

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I either got it at Target or Wal-mart. Although I did just find it a couple months ago and Madeline is six months old. We used regular tide at first...I think as long as you do an extra rinse cycle you should be fine. Unless Natalie has very sensitive skin. Also, I rarely use dryer sheets for M's clothes and if I do I use Bounty Free.

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! It only gets more amazing.

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You know, at our last pediatricia appointment our doctor said our son has sensitive skin. And like Adella said, our baby had a rash on his face (on the sides). SHE said it was from the detergent... I always thought Dreft was a marketing ploy and didn't buy it. But after the doctor said our son has sensitive skin, we bought some dreft.

But hearing all of you say "use the extra rinse cycle" ...

I will have to try it! And I will also continue to use ALL or Tide!


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If you are having a true allergy problem, you may want to skip the Tide. I've always gotten allergic reactions from it. My understanding it causes this same reaction for a lot of other people. I've been playing around with different types of detergents lately. Most are causing a rash. It shows up on my kids before it does me.

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I really like the super-concentrated Method dye-free fragrance-free liquid detergent available at Target. It comes in sort of a beige bottle. It's 32 ounces for like 6 or 7 bucks, but you only need an ounce at a time. I use it in my high efficiency front loader and it cleans really well, with no detectable residue. Good luck!

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I used to work in Neonatal intensive care units. We had to wash the clothes that the babies wore there since most of them wore hospital clothes. We had our own washer and dryer in the unit and never used any of the special detergents for these clothes and blankets. When parents would ask about Dreft, they were always told it wasn't really necessary for most of the babies.

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In addition to the extra rinse, try adding some plain white vinegar (in the "fabric softener dispenser), which will help get more of the detergent out of the clothes. They will come out really soft! I have a front loader and like the BioKleen brand of detergent (I get it at the local natural foods store, but I never see it at the larger chains).

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Ditto white vinegar.

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