Sons teeth

organic_mariaAugust 25, 2006

Hi there, i'm a first time mom to a boy. My son is now 10 months old. The only concern i have is that one of his teeth on top front one is black and blue. The skin is. The tooth has not broken out yet. Its been likethat for almost a month. I've spoken to the doctor and he just tells me to watch it. How long is a tooth suppose to taek before coming out like this? He also has two teeth bottom row sides that have not come out. Everyone has told me they should have been out by 7 there something wrong ? should i really worry about this?

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My son walked before he got teeth....and one grandson got 2 teeth before he was 3 months old.
Often the gum gets that little blood blister before the teeth come through...
Does he have lots of hard teethers to chew on?
It will eventually break through....don't sweat it!
Linda C

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