HELP! Garage floor disaster......sticky/tacky

krissie55July 20, 2012

Our garage doors would not function properly so we had a service fellow out. He told my husband to lubricate the tracks with silicone and he did with NAPA Silicone Spray.

Problem is, hubby did not protect the painted garage floor before generously spraying the tracks.

Silicone spray went everywhere on the floor painted with Behr Floor/Patio paint. Floor was painted about 6 years ago.

In an effort to remove the silicone spray from the garage floor Behr Concrete Cleaner/Degreaser was sprayed on and then mopped.

Every where the mop went is now a sticky/tacky mess and silicone is still on the floor.

HOW do we get rid of the sticky/tacky mess on the floor?

Yes, I know! all of this could have been avoided had hubby put newspapers down to protect the floor before spraying!

Hubby needs out of the dog house!!

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It sounds as if the cleaner has done something to the paint.

If I were you, I would call Behr technical assistance:
Mon. - Fri., 5:00 am to 8:00 pm PST
Sat. - Sun., 6:00 am to 5:00 pm PST
1-800-854-0133 ext. 2

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

good luck with that

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Thanks Graywings for Behr's phone number!

I called Behr technical assistance and followed their suggestions with success.

It was a lot of work to get the sticky/tacky mess off the floor. It was the dried full strength cleaner on the floor causing the mess.

1. Power washed the floor, not successful, did not remove the mess.

2. Mixed the Behr degreaser cleaner according to instructions and allowed to stay on for 20 minutes, keeping floor wet.

3. Scrubbed the floor with a Hoover floor scrubber.

4. Power washed the floor again to rinse and get rid of the cleaner residue.

The floor is dull and still has a splotched appearance, sticky/tacky is gone. Nice to have a clean floor again.

Hubby is out of the dog house for now, or I should say until he makes a mess again!! He had to do most of the work since my back is out of whack! Maybe he will think to do an ounce of prevention next time!

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you fail to point out that you likely have the smoothest opening and closing garage door on the block!

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You are so right, the garage doors are very smooth opening and closing.

Too bad I had to work so hard to get the lubricant & cleaner off the floor!! I could see one of us slipping on the slick silicone sprayed floor and breaking a hip.

A reminder that everyone should lubricate the garage door tracks at least once a year and be sure to PROTECT THE FLOOR.

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My husband is fond of saying, "The relationship is much more important than the conflict." In your situation, I would be very frustrated too but I think you should show more respect to your husband and stop treating him like a child. We all make mistakes. I hope that doesn't sound too harsh because it isn't meant to be.

My hubby sprays our garage door tracks with silicone and has never covered the floor. Our floor is bare concrete so perhaps that is why there was no ill effect. However, if it were painted, we probably wouldn't have thought to put down newspaper.

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Be careful with silicone. It can make alot of things work and alot of other things [paint] not work.

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