rash like bumps after a fever

maxthedogAugust 21, 2006

Have any of your infants experienced a rash like series of bumps all over the body after he/she has had a fever? These are all mottled and red and all over her body, giving her body an almost reddish tinge to it.

I was told that this could happen after a fever, but did not expect it to be this severe. Mom is taking her to the DR today.

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Usually that is a sign of allergy. Sounds like hives, not a rash..rash is usually just red and small spots. Food or contact. I've never heard of a rash all over after a fever. My sons had a rash on his bottom after a fever but not all over the body. I've been told to watch for body rashes when feedign something new or putting on clothes made of diff material just in case of allergies.

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Could it be Fifth Disease. It's fairly common and pretty startling.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fifth disease

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I hope I'm not late in telling you these,but my grandson had the very same thing and the doctor said it was "SCARLET FEVER",so please take your baby to see one just to make sure.

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My dd has gotten a mild rash on her abdomen, sometimes lightly on her back, and upper thighs after a rash. Both times it cleared up in a day or two. It didn't concern me enough to go to the doctor. However you said it was severe, so going to the doctor would be the correct choice!! Good luck! Christy

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I have bumps after getting a fever and i am going to the doctor but for now i am using some cream to get rid of it

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