Do I need this?

phyllis_philodendronAugust 5, 2003

I wanted to register for the bottle sterilizer, but now I'm not sure I need one. I read in one of my baby books that you don't need to sterilize bottles (unless you don't trust your water, which I really don't.) And how did you prepare formula - with bottled water or boiled?

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I breastfeed but had to pump for 7 weeks before my preemie could nurse. The doctors at the NICU said there was no need to sterilize our bottles so I never did. I live in the city and trust our water supply - just ran anything through the dishwasher or washed by hand with super-hot water.
No input on preparing formula. Breastfeeding was just way more convenient for us. ~ Suzie

Here is a link that might be useful: LLL

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I breastfed for the most part, but used bottles and formula to supplement. I washed everything in the dishwasher. For formula, I just used tap water since that's what the babies were getting if they drank out of my glass. I also lived in an area where a major water bottler (can't remember which one) was using the city tap water for its bottled water.

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Hey! How is the pregnancy going? I was thinking about you the other day.

You boil new bottles and nipples when you first bring them home per instructions on the package. But that's it! I just popped mine in the dishwasher sometimes, but mostly I just filled the sink with soapy water and used the bottle washer brush.

I used the drying rack a lot. Found it at Babys R Us, it's got pegs, to put the bottles on.

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I read somewhere that if you have well water, which we do, that "repeated sterilization of the bottles may be best." LIke every time, every other? I'm not sure exactly what this means. Personally, I do not drink from our tap so I guess that means something.

TREKaren, so far things are getting better. Can't remember if you frequent the cooking forum but I found out I have colitis! Crappers, it seems like everything is happening at once. But I feel better. Looking forward to getting things ready and everything now that I can finally spend less time worrying.

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Have you had your well water tested? I remember reading that if you have a baby, you need to have it checked, then rechecked - but I don't remember how often. Twice a year, once a year? Have you found a pediatrician yet? They should probably be able to tell you, based on your area, what the recommendation is. My in-laws live in an agricultural area and I would never think of giving their well water to my child - I can't even stand to drink it. It has tested 'good' in the past, but still... ~ Suzie

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No I used to hang out on cooking but I am wayyy too amateur to even lurk!!! Colitis, wow! It's hard enough to eat right and stay healthy when pregnant without something like that! Hopefully the folks on Cooking are giving you great ideas... so is it pregnancy related or are you going to still have this syndrome after pregnancy?

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I'm not sure if our well water has been tested or not. across the street at school (we live on campus) the well water is specifically treated, but we're not on that system. I'm going to boil water for the day to make up any bottles I might need, although I'll stick to breastfeeding primarily in the beginning, I hope. I'm going to pump and store so DH can feed him too and would like to even while he's older, to build up those immunities!

TREKaren, I'm not sure if this is something that will go away or not. I'm hoping it is due to hormones and therefore will taper off and disappear once the baby's born. I noticed intestinal problems when I had morning sickness, rather than vomiting - which is typical for me anyway, since it would take something major to make me throw up - but it was never this bad. Then I had that stress of going to the ER with bleeding and it snowballed from there! Definitely a trigger. (Sorry, this is probably more than you wanted to know!) But the meds seem to help, although I have my good and bad days. It's hard to find out what's bugging your stomach, even after keeping a food diary. Could be anything! But distracting myself by getting the nursery together and shopping for teeny baby clothes really seems to help! LOL

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I hope you strike a dietary balance and get to feeling better soon. Problems like this are strange because sometimes even 'good' foods like whole grain or green veggies can be the trigger, and who could ever figure THAT out? If it hasn't been one of your 'bad' foods, I would recommend you eat a yogurt a day. First, it gets calcium in you. Second, it gets live cultures (good bacteria) in your system, which might aid in your intestinal problems. I have heard that they are good. You could even ask your doctor about acidophilous (sp?) supplements if you can't drink milk products.

Ok, back to the nursery! Any more questions?

(by the way, I am typing through tears because I just put my DD on the bus for her FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! WAHHHHH!)

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First day of school already? Good Lord, it's only the second week of August! When we were kids we didn't go until the end of the month. When do they get out for the summer?

I am lactose intolerant, but I have heard about the yogurt thing. When I go off my "diet" it seems to get worse - and this weekend I had two helpings of potato salad, which I think did it. Potatoes turn to sugar in your system, so I've read, and regular sugars (like those found in yogurt) can also wreak havoc, even with acidophilus. The supplements alone, I heard, do not work - just the yogurt - but it must be sugar free. I don't know if a fat free (aspartame) yogurt would work, but I hate aspartame and would like to avoid it anyway because of the baby. Ah, we can never win, can we!

Now, go get another box of Kleenex. And don't worry, she'll be home soon! : )

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I could swear we didn't go back until nearly Labor Day. It always seemed we were in for about a week then got the holiday. So it seems VERY early to me! And it seems that it can't be true that she's old enough to start school! But she looked so grown up with her backpack and lunchbox! Oh dear, here I go again!

My best recommendation to you, mom-to-be...find time to cherish them because the time goes by so quickly.

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Ah... I was out walking this morning with my 19 month old son in his jog stroller as all the neighbor kids were off to school. All the mom's were taking their kid's picture - the kids all looked adorable with their backpacks. I started bawling, just thinking about my son going off to school in four years. It is amazing how fast the times goes.
I never put socks on my son during our morning walks, just leave him in his pj's and off we go. (Have to get out and walk before it gets too hot.) Anyway, he was stretching his legs and wiggling his toes this morning - I swear, his little toes and feet always melt my heart. When he was born, his feet were so, so tiny - about the size of my thumb. And now he is just getting so big. Cherish every moment! ~ Suzie

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