Accuracy of Dr. prediction of Baby's sex????

sheilajoyce_gwAugust 20, 2006

I have heard a few stories of errors in the doctor's prediction of the baby's sex. Is this at all a common problem???? DD finds out the sex of the baby this week.

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It all depends on the position of the baby in the ultrasound....some keep their legs descretely folded over the "parts" and others let it all be open for view....sometime the cord is situated so it looks like a girl is a boy....but when it's's really obvious!
Linda C

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For the most part they are pretty accurate now adays. But mistakes do happen. My friend was told she was having a she painted the baby room...all blue of course..clothes etc...low and behold., she gave birth to a girl. LOL...when the doc handed her the baby she said its not mine...i'm having a that a shocker!
I personally think it would be best to stick with neutral colors until thebaby is born. Just to be on the safe side.
My brother is having a child at christmas. He does not want to know the sex. I couldnt with my pregnancy..i just had to know. ANd if the baby has a little weewee...its very accurate.
Advice: Tell her to have something icecream or chocolate bar so the baby is active and not relaxed crosses their legs like my cousin's did...hehehh..
Congrats for the little bundle coming

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I say,just be happy with your baby,boy or girl.
Some women can't have any,so be happy.

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Is she finding out the sex through an ultrasound or an amniocentesis? If it's by an amnio it will definitely be correct. If it's by ultrasound, there is a chance it may not be correct.

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My daughter was born 6 months ago. At the 20 week ultrasound the tech said she thought it was a girl- mostly sure. The nurse midwife said it was undoubtedly a boy based on the heartrate- she'd bet good money on it. We nicknamed the baby "Herm" (combo of him and her) during the PG and bought gender neutral stuff to be on the safe side. We had another ultrasound at 33 weeks and the tech said there was no doubt at that point that it was a girl. My FIL (who was hoping for a girl as there hasn't been one born into DH's family name since the 1800s) still wasn't convinced until after she was born.

Long story short, I'd ask the tech, "exactly how certain are you?" No promises, but it's worth a shot! If it turns out to be the other sex at birth, you've got a great story to tell anyway.


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It's a boy. They are using a doctor whose practice is at a university teaching hospital. They all clearly saw the evidence, she tells me, during a 1/2 hour ultrasound where they took many, many measurements of her and the baby.

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