When should I stop breast feeding......

girlsingardensAugust 7, 2006

Okay my family is starting to give me a hard time. DD 2 is 13 months old and I am still nursing her 3-4 times a day. She is eating solid food pretty good and has 8 teeth already. Luckily she doesn't bite me or this wouldn't be a problem. I don't mind breast feeding and frankly it is nice to be able feed her when ever she gets hungry and we aren't were I can stop and fix her dinner. So when should I stop breast feeding. I don't want to have a 5 yr old kindergartner coming home for lunch to breast feed, but am having a hard time weening her:(


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La Leche and other's dedicated to breast feeding say not before 24 months.
I suspect she will let you know when it's time to stop....being breast fed is really quite confining for her. She must sit in your arms and be quiet....can't run around with a bottle or a sippy cup nor sit at a table drinking milk with her friends. I suspect she will cut down the frequency of her own accord.
BUT...I do know someone who nursed all 5 of her's until 24 months or a little longer...but the 5th child was 4 and we were at a cocktail party and he wanted to nurse ( wanted his mother to stop chatting with other people was what he wanted!) and made a big scene, tearing at her blouse and being very disagreable.
He was the last child and I expect she was having a lot of tropuble letting go of the baby period.
4 years is too long!
Linda C

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My kids seemed to lose interest at about a year, nursing once or twice a day, and since they, like your DD, were eating enough regular food on their own, it was a good time to stop. She should be eating plenty of finger foods, and should be taking milk and juices from a cup and with a straw by now, so you shouldn't have any problem feeding her when ever she gets hungry, no matter where you are.

Good luck and enjoy.

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Whenever she gets disinterested is soon enough. Or you too for that matter. You have been patient and given her all the benefits of nursing. Do not convert her to a baby bottle at this point. Just gradually introduce her more and more to the sippy cup.

Two of mine lost interest when I was pregnant with the next one--wonder if it changed the taste as well as the supply. If you or she loses interest, you have given her a great start and try a cup or a sippy cup. It is all up to you two, not yor relatives.

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I tend to agree that two years is a good age. It's wonderful that you were able to go a full year.

I nurse "publicly" until they are one and then "privately" until about two. What I mean by "publicly" is if we are out somewhere I will go to the restroom or use a blanket to nurse. After they turn one, I noticed people sort of look at me funny so I just nurse at home. By then it is usually only for naptime and bedtime since they are eating plenty of other food.

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Is this a cooking forum get together?? LOL

I nursed DS for 18 months. I think you should nurse as long as YOU and BABY want to; family has nothing to do with it. If you still want to, and baby shows interest, then keep at it, because it's still doing your child a world of good as well as being relaxing for you. I initially thought I would nurse 9 months, then a year, then I thought, Why stop now if I still want to and he still wants to? We continued and I don't regret it. Part of that decision was because he still didn't want to drink cow's milk after a year old, which was fine by me. Once he made that transition he weaned very quickly with no problems.

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I think it is totally up to you.But my personal opinion is that if they can chew steak,then it is probably time to stop.
Or if they start to bite you.

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The consensus in the lactation and health arenas is that you should continue to nurse as long as both you and your child would like. No rules! Every day (or month, or year) is great for both of you. This is a personal thing between mother and child, and children who no longer care to nurse, for whatever reason, simply stop showing interest.

Other people may continue to have opinions on this and other aspects of your life, mothering and otherwise, but hey! Only you know what works for you, and feels good. What works may vary from mom to mom, and from child to child.

For the record, La Leche League has no official recommendations on length of nursing, just plenty of information and a great network for mothers, health care professionals, etc. There are articles and links on the website. If issues come up (from biting to nosy neighbors) meetings are a great place to check in for both parenting and lactation feedback/dialogue. If there are no meetings in your area you can check out online meetings through the website.

There isn't one way to nurse -- both a good thing and a challenge! For those of you out there "still nursing," enjoy! Soon enough children grow up and that nursing season is a sweet memory. Like other sweet memories, we tend not to wish we spent less time cuddling those closest to us. And nursing is, first and last, a great cuddle, with nutrition and immune factors a fabulous side bonus!

Here is a link that might be useful: La Leche League International

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Well thought that I would post an update. I stopped breast feeding the first week of November, we had to be out of town and left both girls:) First time Peyton had been away from us at 17 months. Well found out over Thanksgiving that we were expecting number 3. So a 9 month break and then back to boobie feeding LOL


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Congratulations, Stacie. Enjoy the new one on the way! Big sisters will learn much watching the newest little one nursing.

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I'm always mystified by those moms who do it for six weeks and then give it up - just when it gets easy! Mine gave it up at 10 and 13 months, when they were doing cereal and other solids. At the end, they nursed mostly just before they went to bed - a comfort for both of us. I guess I feel that when they become ambulatory, it's time. I guess there's something strange about a child being articulate enough to ask for it. My first did take a bottle from time to time when I had to be away at work, but my second never would. She went directly to a cup. Obviously, breast milk is best and I think the latest research suggests that breast-fed infants are less likely to become obese. I'd say trust your instinct - but don't hang on just because YOU still want to do it - let the child guide you.

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