How to paint w/high humidity?

brendainnjJuly 8, 2010

OK, pro painters--do you just not paint when the weather gets this bad? Here in NW NJ it has been approaching 100 w/very high humidity. I have much priming/painting to do, but really hate the way the paint goes on when it's this humid, plus no windows open w/the AC on. So what do you guys do??? I really want to finish my LR! Quality-wise, is there a difference in the finished results?

Thanks again!

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If you are inside with the AC on, what's the problem??

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The smell.

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Yes, some people can be hypersensitive to the fumes and this can be a problem. It has never bothered me much. You can try some low VOC paints which claim to be low odor...I actually do not find them to be low odor, it is just a different odor. Even on humid days, applying interior paint with the windows open has never been an issue for me long as you don't have direct sun and/or wind, painting is easy.

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You could try the old trick I sometimes babble about here...
Sprinkle some (about a box per sheet) baking-soda on a cookie-sheet/pan and put 2 or 3 in/near the painting rooms.

PG's right...Low/NO VOC paints aren't odor-free!
VOC levels and PERCEIVED odors have ZERO correlation.
Some people have succuess with a tbsp. of Vanilla in a gallon!
OR....just tough-out the smell...


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Hmmm, I haven't thought about using vanilla flavoring/extract?

But what I do in general to remove noxious odors in the house is to simmer a pan of cider vinegar cut with a little water, and laced liberally with ground cinnamon and cloves. It is great at neutralizing fish smell, or making the house smell like apple pie. Just do not really BOIL it or let it go dry.

If you are not having a chemical reaction to the paint compounds, and it is merely a nose problem, then I think the vinegar will be of some help for you. I used to use it on my boat when I worked as a captain in the oilfield. The work boats all smelled like diesel fuel, which is obnoxious enough if you work in it every day. But when you get landlubber passengers on board, diesel will make many people ill. NO one wants a sea sick person on a boat!

Try it.

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