Yesterday was Johnny's 1st birthday!!!!!

babyblues7July 19, 2002

I can't believe it. A year ago I gave birth to this beautiful baby boy. It took 2 yrs just to get pg with him and 8 mos to carry him. It seemed like it was forever back then. Now he's growing before our very eyes. I thank God everyday for this miracle child. I'm in shock. Hubby and I have been discussing trying for baby #3 soon. Maybe when Johnny is about to turn 2. Isabella is 7 yrs older than Johnny and I want him to have someone close to grow up with. He's walking all over the place, even running. He laughs, cries, talks, yells and smiles at us. He eats everything you give him, including those little crumbs you forgot to clean up on the floor...:-))))))He plays ball, plays with his trucks and his little tool shop. He says Mama and Dada and Papa, baba, uh oh, ha ha. He's even trying to say ball. When the dogs bark, he makes noises in return as if he's talking to them. He calls out to the kitty. He reaches down to pick up his ball and other toys, and kindly hands them to you. When you go to the store and leave him home with daddy, he runs to greet you as you open the door and clings to your legs. He reaches up to you when he wants to be loved. He opens his mouth to give kisses to big sissy, mama and daddy, sometimes even the dog, eewww.....:-))))He's more precious than any gemstone. The time I spend with him is priceless. And there's nothing more I could ever ask for in this world. Thank you God for giving me this gift of life.

Now I'm about to go off and cry.......

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Wow, girl, I can't belive your still around! Sorry your still on this site where no one else is!

I'm so glad to see Johnny is doing so well, my son, Tom, turned one on June 21st and is doing exactly all the same things Johnny is, aren't they great!

Like I had told you last time I talked to you, I'm pregnant again, now 6 and half months along! Getting pretty big!

My husband has since became a stay at home dad and it's working great, he's teaching Tom so many things, every afternoon when I get home, he's always got something new to show me that he has learnd that day :)

Hey, keep in touch, we all miss you!


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Happy Birthday to Johnny! He sounds absolutely adorable. It's fun watching them grow up and do so many new things. Kids are just fantastic.


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