Safe to sleep in car seat?

jpherronJuly 19, 2005

My week old baby won't sleep in his bassinet, but is quite comfy in his carseat. This morning, though we caught him with his head turned all the way to the side, with his mouth and nose covered by the head restraint pad. This has us very worried about the SIDS/suffocation problems if we continue to let him sleep in the carseat. Does anyone know of a way to make it safe, or if we should just try to get him comfortable in the bassinet?

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Can you pull the head restraint pad off? My second child would only sleep if being held or in the car seat. It scared me too. I always made sure he was buckled in so he couldn't slide down. I pulled everything away from his face and kept a hat on him. I think he outgrew it after about a week or two.

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Try getting one of the clip on vibrators for the bassinet. DD loved sleeping in the bassinet with that turned on.

And don't shy away from letting them fall asleep in your arms. I did that and my DD is a happy 7 year old, not spoiled at all.

When she was a little older than newborn, we'd leave her in the carseat for short naps but not for long-term stays.

The other thing she liked was taking naps in the little hammock chair; it also had a built-in vibrator.

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The reason he sleeps well in the car seat is because he is in a 1/2 reclining position....and the pressures of any bubbles in his tummy is lessened.
For longer might let him go to sleep in the seat and put him in his bed after an hour or so.
Or prop the head of his mattress up and put a rolled diaper under his little tuschy so he doesn't slide down.
Linda C

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