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kiradvJuly 2, 2005


we're getting to the point where we'll need a high chair f/our dd. we're considering the prima pappa, which my cousin recommended. but it (and all the other, similar plush plastic models) seems bulky, ugly, and potentially difficult to clean. i've got a small-ish house with an open floor plan, and i'm not really dying to look at one of these monstrosities for years -- we're planning on another kid, so i'm figuring i'm into high chairs for at least four years.

i have seen another option, the svan high chair, which is a much smaller, simpler wood model. it looks easier to clean and would, to me, be much nicer to look at. it doesn't recline, but i'm told kids shouldn't eat reclined anyhow. it also only has a three-point harness, but i'm assuming that just means only kids who can sit up can use it. my only other concern is that the tray probably won't come right up to her when she's sitting in it.

anyhow, sorry for the long build up. question is whether anyone has any experience with the prima pappa or the svan and can tell me what they think. i'd be especially interested to hear from svan users.

thanks in advance for any advice,


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Did you ever get a high chair? I've been looking, since my daughter is expecting her first in a few weeks. I like the Svan, or something else in wood, it's much nicer looking, more like furniture, and I think it would be more attractive and less obtrusive in an open style floorplan.

Enjoy that DD.

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i got a lot of positive responses re: both the svan and the kinderseat. in the meantime, though, we'd bought a (very cheap) first years four-position reclining booster seat, figuring she couldn't really use the wood chairs very comfortably until she could sit better on her own. for now, we're very happy w/that. it's not beautiful, but its inexpensive, easy to wash, and tucks in under the table so it's not too obtrusive.

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