Diaper Champ or Diaper Genie II

obrienwvJuly 19, 2007

I am expecting my first baby and don't know whether to purchase the Diaper Champ or the Diaper Genie II. Can anyone give me any advice about these items? Any other "must haves" for a first time mom would also be appreciated. Thanks so much.

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If you are breastfeeding, you will not need anything special for diaper disposal as a breastfed baby's diapers do not smell. DD uses a garbage can.

I suggest that you will need a crib and a chest of drawers. A changing table is not a necessity. I used a water proof pad I would put under the baby on his bed to do a diaper change, and DD is doing the same, only she is using a disposable water proof pad for less laundry. She buys them at the drug store. It is easy to manage without the changing table.

I suggest that you get lots of blankets, sheets, water proof mattress pads and newborn to 3 months onesies with feet and gowns so that you will not have to do laundry too often. You will be doing laundry enough! If you live where winters are cold, buy 6 or so baby undershirts. I like bumpers in a crib too.

I like that large sponge pillow to lay the baby on for baths. They cost just a few dollars. Helps you manage their slippery bodies as you learn to bathe them. I do like those baby towels with the triangle of terrycloth at one corner to pull over their heads so you can wrap them warmly after their baths. Get some baby shampoo too and a mild bath soap. I like to make baby washcloths for baths from a little square of cotton flannel. If you have a friend or relative who sews, or you do yourself, ask for a few of them. Also buy a dozen cloth diapers to use as burp cloths. You will go through these quickly. Target sells printed cloth diapers that are cute in packages of all pinks or all blues. You could also ask your crafty friends to crochet or sew some edges on them.

Get some Original Desetin for any bad diaper rashes that may develop. You want to get on a rash right away if it develops. You could also have another type of diaper rash cream to use if the rash is milder. Have some kind of wipes to take with you in your diaper bag as well as at home. Keep a receiving blanket in your diaper bag to use under the baby if you have to change him or her in a public place.

Of course you want a nice stroller and a car seat. If you will be traveling, Graco's Snap and Go is great--it's a stroller and a car seat all in one.

If you will breastfeed, an electric pump would be great. I never had one, but a friend gave DD hers, and it does a great job of offering the mother options.

We love the Bumbo seat, which you can use with supervision once the baby can hold up its head well. DGS loves his.

DD also valued her Bjorn baby carrier and would even use it around the house if she had lots to do and the baby was fussing for attention. Also great for getting around the big city with a new baby.

Hope this helps. Warmest congratulations.

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We have the Diaper Champ that we used with DS1 and are now using with DS2. We like it because it uses regular 13 gal. garbage bags. I think you have to buy special Diaper Genie bags that are more expensive. Once you start solids you will have to change it out more frequently to prevent odors.
Other items I would recommend include:
side snap t-shirts (Great to wear with just diapers for those frequent diaper changes.)
gowns (also great for wear for 0-3 mos. - Have fold over sleeves to keep baby's hands warm and prevent baby from scratching face with those small tiny nails))
footed sleepers (3-6 mos.)
contour changing pad
2-3 changing pad covers
waterproof lap pads ( I used these on top of of the changing pad to prevent having to change the whole cover in case of accidents.)
4-6 bottles - Even if you breast feed, you might find you will need them for expressed milk or suppementing with formula. (We liked Avent.)
Dishwasher basket for all those small items like pacifiers, nipples, etc.
Lots of blankets
Halo sleep sacks
Waterproof pads for beneath sheets of crib or pack and play
Pack and Play
Swing and Bouncy (It depends on your child, but mine liked both. Great for when you need a shower!)
All Free and Clear Detergent (You don't need Dreft!)
Bathing Sponge for those first baths
Bathtub for later
Triple Paste ointment for diaper rash (We liked this best over all the others!)
Graco Snug Ride Car Seat (Good for first months as you can use it as carrier.)
Burp Cloths
Bibs (Try to find the lined ones, not just terry cloth. Those absorb liquid and stay wet.)
Pampers Swaddlers (Our favorite!)
Huggies Gentle Care Wipes
Baby wash cloths
Boppy with extra cover (if breastfeeding)
Baby Nail Clippers
Rectal thermometer
Changing pad for diaper bag (I liked Kushies)
Good Diaper Bag (Really liked the Skip Hop Dash)
Diapees and Wipees (For Diaper bag - hold diapers and wipes.)
Play Gym or Mat
Link a Roos (Great for attaching all those tiny toys to the diaper bag, car seat or stroller.)
Waterproof mattress pad for crib (Land's End has a good one.)
All of this is still fresh as we just brought home DS2 this week!
Good Luck!

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cindy lou,

a rectal thermometer? Is it better for some reason over, say, Braun's Thermo Scan that takes ear temperature?


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I received a Diaper Genie as a shower present. We used it. Kinda cool, but not that convenient, and the smell wasn't bad before solids. After solids, poop is stinkier, but I just reuse grocery bags and take them out to the garage on a regular basis. Less expensive and more convenient than diaper genie.

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I listed rectal thermometer as our pediatrician prefers that reading as it is considered more accurate.

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I love my DGII but I am thinking of switching over to a Diaper Champ simply because I am tired of buying the refills. I figured that in 4 months I spent the equivalent of one Diaper Champ, so after my last refill, I am switching over.

My must have is one of those swing chairs. I have the "rainforest" one and it has saved my life on numerous occasions. Now, unfortunately the baby is too big where he leans forward -and can't lift himself back (I can't tell you how happy I am for those buckles)- he stops the entire thing and is left hanging. Needless to say, I don't put him there unless I am within feet of him now... (when he was little and not wiggling it was fine... listen to me, little...)

OH MY GOSH, I can't believe I was forgetting this: ABSOLUTELY A MUST IS A STROLLEE. Not sure if someone else already wrote this, but basically, it's a frame of a stroller that you can snap on and off the car seat. It's light and small, so easy to use... too bad those babes use their infant car seats for such a short period of time.

In general, and I wish I had known this before I got all my things, anything that you have to carry check the weight on it. My pack and play, as groovy as it may be, is so heavy I am seriously considering buying a new one because this one is really big and heavy to lug around.

Finally, and I say this because I have three step-sons that always keep me busy, accept all the help you can get.... but if it comes with a nagging voice that tells you what to do, decline. My husband found me hiding behind our bed crying on numerous occasions those first few days because I couldn't handle all the unsolicited advice (my criteria is, if you ain't harmin' the babe then shhhhhhhh!!!). Aside from being exhausted from the delivery and then taking care of the baby, I was also trying to make it to all the boys' games, drive them to/from school and keep on cooking those meals... I realize now I was ABSOLUTELY INSANE. So a must is get all the help you can get and don't feel guilty about it.

Congrats, what are you expecting?

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Definitely just the garbage can - gets cycled out more often. I remember changing the diaper pail for my first (7 yrs ago) and it almost knocked me out! I now just throw the diapers in regular garbage can.

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Diaper Champ is what we have. Prefer that to the Diaper Genie since the Genie uses pricey refills and the Champ uses regular trash bags.

But honestly, we have the Champ upstairs and for daytime changes we do those downstairs and just throw them in the trash.

Oh, and DS is formula fed.

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