I applaud people who have children!

robarJuly 29, 2013

To all of you folks who elect to start a family/have children
.......I hold you people in the highest regard. To have the time and patience to put into raising children......that was never for me. It could literally drive you crazy......I could never put myself through that turmoil. Life is hard as it is, let alone have kids to deal with......the expense should be a limiting factor in itself. Just think too......all the poor folks who cannot even support themselves......having child after child. I think the people who can truly enjoy having a family
are the wealthy folks......cause for the rest of us.....it's nothing more than trouble.....(in my opinion)

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Hi robar- old posts here on this section of GW. Anyway, just want to say that I visited two grandchildren over the weekend and can't really imagine a greater sense of fulfillment than to see the wonder in their eyes at every new turn and the love in their hearts when they reach out to you. It's not for everyone-parenthood. It's a lot of work, tedium and tears if you do it correctly. But, by its very nature, it changes you. I think most often it changes you for the better if you allow it to do so.

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