cookie8June 3, 2008

My 8 month old bit me during breastfeeding. I was hoping to go until she was one but I don't know if I can if this becomes a habit. It really hurt, I yelled out and she smiled. Despite being so cute, I was kinda mad. I'm guessing there is no way of stopping this and hoping this isn't the new "thing" for her. Anyone else ever get bitten? Was it a one time deal or something new that was like play? thanks.

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All three of my kids tried to bite. We stopped that really quick. I can't remember the specifics on how. Here's an article with suggestions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Biting Article

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One time occurrance with each baby. You did part of the correction, a loud "ouch" or "no, no" with a frown, and then you stop feeding the baby right then. That fixes it. They learn that you do not like it and nursing stops.

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