strawberry birthmark

nikolauk26June 15, 2006

hi there,x. I have a nine monthh old son who has a large strawberry birthmark covering the upper left half of his chest and also his left arm from armpit to wrist. Hes a beautiful boy and most of the time i forget it is there although i get very hurt and upset when people point , stare and even make nasty comments ( some people think it is a burn mark.) I can understand children doing this but was wondering if anyone had any advice as to how to treat the rude adults? also is there any other reason for him having a strawberry mark other than the fact that he was premature? would be very grateful for any advice

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That's awful that adults are staring and making nasty comments! Hopefully, it is at least out of ear shot of the child. I would distant myself from those type of people and wouldn't even respond to any rude remarks. If people or friends are showing a general interest and concern, I would explain it is a birth mark (or whatever it is considered and leave it at that).

And, I'm not a doctor but I don't really think strawberry marks are due to him being premature. Maybe someone else knows some facts about them. Is it a considered a raised strawberry hemangioma - I think those usually fade after a few years, or is it a port wine stain --- those are more permanent?

My son had one of those salmon patches (stork bites/angel kisses) between his eye brows. People often said stuff about it and it sort of bothered me. But, I have to admit I remember asking one of my friends years ago if her child had hurt himself (he had a stork bite on the back of his neck that looked like he had been hurt). I just really didn't know any better and was expressing concern. I know it may be a sensitive subject, but I'm sure most of your friends probably only mean well if they bring it up. I'm sure if you give them a short quick answer, most will probably let it drop and not mention it again.

Here's a site about hemangiomas...if it's a port wine stain instead, you can just click on that to get some info. about them.

And, just remember, people who judge people or make negative comments on physical appearances are people you don't want your son to be around anyway.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hemangioma

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How thoughtless. Just smile and give them a "how rude" smile, a shocked, puzzled look.

My son had a small strawberry hemangioma on the side of his head, it started to go away after his first birthday. He still has a little discoloration on his head (he's 25 now).

If it's a port wine stain, that's a whole other issue and needs to be evaluated by a good dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Good luck and enjoy your wonderful little boy.

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dont even worry about it. I have a 10 week old son with a strawberry on the side of his head so I can relate and its not even worth getting yourself all worked up about. who cares what anyone else says or thinks. life is too short for that nonsence. enjoy your precious little boy to the fullest!!
And by the way-- yes being premature is a factor- the stats are that its most common in girls, being premature, and white babies.

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