To paint or not to paint garage door w. stripping?

stinky-gardenerJuly 19, 2012

Had a new garage door installed today. It is aluminum, and stark white. They put in new white weatherstripping as well.

I want to have it painted using Benjamin Moore's Aura, semi-gloss, in "Winds Breath," which is a very close match to my siding color. I also have the back walk-thru garage door painted with that.

The person who will be painting for me said he'd paint the weatherstrip to match the door. He said he'd raise the door up a bit to get at the entire strip well.

Is that standard procedure? What is the proper technique for painting the weatherstrip? Should it painted at all?

Thanks for any tips or feedback!

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I know a few painters that paint it, and I understand the reason why....if you paint the door darker than white, then looks like you have a white stripe around your door. However, I abide by the rule if it moves, don't paint it; eventually, the paint will peel. You can choose which way you want to go, but be aware that there will be some repainting involed when that paint starts to fall off if you decide to paint it.

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Thanks, Paintguy! Yes, I realize it would probably look better painted, as it would all be one seamless color, which I want. But, I just wonder if it's a good idea overall, and you seem to prefer NOT to paint it.

Previously, the ws matched the trim, which is brown. This stuff was over 20 years old, and it still looked decent, though perhaps a little crackly here and there. It didn't effect the functioning of the door, or stick, but I wonder if this new stuff might. It seems a little wider than the old strip.

Anyway, I obsess over details! Want it done right. Thanks again.

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Never paint weatherstripping, anywhere.

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