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amy_z6_swpaJune 12, 2007

We don't have air conditioning in our house. (although we do have one small window unit we can use if needed). Our upstairs, consisting of two bedrooms and nothing else (not even a hallway), can get hot in summer.

In our bedroom we've been using a box fan in the window which provides just as much coolness in the afternoon & night as an air conditioner.

My question is, when the baby arrives, would it be better to a) have a window open at night in her room, b) shut the window and use a dehumidifier, c) shut the window and use a small fan, d) put the air conditioning unit in a window in her bedroom or ours, or e) any other possibilities to keep the room from being too hot?

I'm just trying to figure out the best method that won't cause her any breathing troubles...thanks in advance....

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Maybe you could install a ceiling fan? I have a similar issue, we'd just rather not run the AC if possible. My DH installed one in an afternoon. He has some electrical knowledge (if that's what you call it:). There was nothing there to work with either, he did it all in the attic. I've also tried opening the window for mine, but we had issues with outdoor noise waking her up. Plus, she likes it dark, so it really didn't work for me. Good luck to you :) Christy

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Hi Christy, thanks. There is no overhead lighting there, and currently we cannot access the attic space at all. My husband has long intended to create an opening at the top of the stairway, to access the attic space, but we have not had a chance to start that big messy task yet (popcorn ceilings, house was built in 1862).

Most nights are quiet here, and very dark, so we could try the window at first....or maybe a very quiet fan to take the place of a ceiling fan. I also haven't ruled out co-sleeping in our room but we'd have to pick the best option for in there then too...

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Maybe a not so quiet fan would work. My DD didn't nap well for the first year. With an open window, it can be very peaceful around here. Until you have a sleeping baby - I then noticed every wakeable noise! I finally bought an alarm clock with nature sounds. That white noise fixed her napping problem immediately. Just a thought :) Good luck! Christy

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We used white noise effectively too. So I think a fan would be all right. You want to keep the baby comfortable and avoid rashes. Our new GS has been fight eczema, and the pediatrician says to keep him cool to prevent breakouts. So DD is dressing him in shorts now. I think a nice window fan might do the trick, assuming it is cooler outdoors than indoors. Otherwise, a nice fan of some sort to blow gently over the baby's crib would be nice.

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As far as noise goes, if you don't make special efforts to have total silence while the baby sleeps, you will find that you end up with a child who could have a brass band march through the bedroom playing "The Stars and Stripes Forever", and won't wake up :-D
Though, getting DD up for school when she was a little older was a little more problematic :-D

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Thanks everyone! I was thinking "quiet" at first so we'd be able to hear her from the next room, but you're right, getting her used to SOME "white noise" would make her sleep better.

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I wouldn't put the air conditioner in her cool your room hers would get to cold, she wouldn't sleep well probably. Put the AC in yours and a fan in the doorway (that you can get through) in her room to "pull" the cool air into her room.

I wouldn't worry about hearing her...I don't think I've ever known a Mom who didn't hear their baby (unless they literally couldn't hear). It's a "mom" thing. You can even pick out their cry in a crowd.


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Vickey-MN wrote:
I don't think I've ever known a Mom who didn't hear their baby (unless they literally couldn't hear). It's a "mom" thing.

I had to grin at this, I am a Deaf mom. Yes, that is true that I cannot hear my baby cry but I always get the feeling that I need to check on him whenever he is in his crib. I do have a flashing light baby monitor with lamps in several rooms but I still go and check on him just in case.

Another interesting fact is that I could tell the difference in his cries from feeling his chest and his expressions.

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