Shower Games

Gwen213May 5, 2002

Does anyone have any good idea for games to play at a baby shower?

Thanks Gwen

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Everyone gets a little toy pacifier (or some other item) on a string to hang around their neck and if they say the word 'baby' the first person to catch them say it confiscates their pacifier (and any others that person collected from anyone else). The person with the most pacifiers at the end wins.

Identify the baby food - take the labels off and number them and the person who guesses the most right wins.

Bring out a tray or basket of baby supplies for a short length of time then take it away. The person who can list the most items after the items leave the room wins.

Trivia - either general baby questions or questions about the mom-to-be. The person who gets the most right wins.

Word Scramble - pre-print a list of scrambled baby items and the person who unscrambles the most wins.

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As the post stated above the Tray filled with baby items. What you do is have the mother to be take the tray around the room and have everyone look at it. Then have her leave until the game is over.

Then ask the guest questions about the mother to be not about the tray! Like what color shirt, did she have a watch, earrings in. This is the funniest thing. You should have seen the look on the guests face-it was priceless. You would be amazed at how observent some people are!

This one is totally great!!

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